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Varicose Vein Treatment

Tired of achy, swollen and unsightly veins?

Bulging, tortuous and tender veins are not just a cosmetic issue. These vessels are almost aways a sign of deeper vascular issues that can lead to blood clots and skin ulcers secondary to a process called venous reflux. Venous reflux simply means that the valves in your veins which keep blood flowing one way up to the heart, are no longer working properly. As these valves get stretched out and damaged, blood falls back through them stretching out the vein below and causing it to swell and become tortuous.


The primary reasons for failing values are genetics and gravity. Over time gravity works against you, causing blood to push on the vessel walls stretching them. This causes the valve inside to not close correctly. Over time as the vessel stretches out, blood can pool and enlarge your veins. This progressive process is non reversible and causes more and more varicose veins to form over time. These vessels look unsightly and can cause significant medical issues such as blood clots and skin ulceration.


Colorado Skin and Vein is conveniently located about 12 miles south of the Denver metro area in beautiful Greenwood Village, CO. We offer the extensive experience of a dual board-certified physician with more than 20 years’ experience leading the team to ensure you get the most effective treatment options for your varicose veins. Our goal is to make your legs both look and feel amazing.

Varicose veins are enlarged twisted veins close to the skin’s surface. Any vein that is superficial can become varicosed. Varicose veins most commonly affect the veins in the legs where pressure from gravity is the greatest. Repetitive and common activities like standing and sitting for long periods, along with a history of pregnancy or obesity, all can increase the pressure on the veins in the lower body.

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic concern, they are almost always a sign of a deeper vein issue. Varicose veins can lead to aching, discomfort, itching and bleeding. More seriously, varicose veins can lead to more serious problems such as blood clots and skin ulceration.

Genetics: There is a strong genetic component to vein disease. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle can keep these symptoms at bay but unfortunately the disease is progressive.


Age. Gravity causes natural wear and tear on the valves that help keep the blood moving one way back to your heart. Eventually that wear and tear causes the valves to not close correctly.


Gender: Men and women are equally likely to develop vascular disease, however women have additional risk factors. Hormonal changes like menstrual cycles can relax vein walls. Especially hormonal issues related to pregnancy and menopause can also be related to changes in your veins.


Pregnancy: During pregnancy a woman’s total blood volume increases with the growing baby. The growing baby also places a physical wight on veins returning the blood to the heart. This causes more pressure in the vein of the lower body.


Obesity. Being overweight can affect vascular return and place additional pressure on the vascular system as a whole making it more difficult to get the blood back to the heart.


Lack of physical activity. Long periods of immobility decrease calves assisting motion in getting the blood back to the heart. This causes increased wear and tear on the inside of the veins.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Verebelyi will consider an ultrasound report to learn more about your condition. At Colorado Skin and Vein, we do ultrasound in-house with a vein ultrasound expert. Based on your history and ultrasound report, Dr. Verebelyi will create a personalized varicose vein treatment plan. With your consent, this report and treatment plan will be submitted to your insurance carrier for pre-authorization for treatment. 
Does Colorado Skin and Vein accept your insurance? Call our office to find out. 

When left untreated, your enlarged veins affect circulation and will eventually lead to other medical issues. Restless leg syndrome (RLS), nighttime leg cramps, swelling, fatigue, leg pain, more spider veins and more serious complications like blood clots and skin ulceration. Without treatment these symptoms will continue to worsen.



Colorado Skin and vein has decades of experience treating all sorts of vein problems. Dr. Verebelyi’s extensive experience guarantees the best available treatments with a knowledgeable staff and warm environment. Your custom treatment plan is developed maximize comfort and effectiveness. Colorado Skin and Vein is so confident in our ability to get you the best cosmetic and clinical results that we always guarantee our work.

The experts at Colorado Skin and Vein determine the cause of your vein issues and create the best possible treatment plan after your consultation. You are likely a good candidate for vascular treatment if your varicose veins cause:

  • Visible bumpy and ropey veins (varicose veins)
  • Spider veins on the inner leg, around the knee or inside of the ankle
  • Swelling in one or both legs (visible sock line at the end of the day)
  • Your legs feel heavy, tired or achy at the end of the day
  • Leg tiredness, heaviness or discomfort after travel
  • Skin discoloration around the ankles, shins or lower leg
  • Nighttime leg cramping
  • Restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  • Itching or burning around over the lower limbs
  • Healed or active lower leg ulcers
  • Pain, numbness or tingling in the lower legs due to inflammation and swelling

The most effective treatments involve closing the damaged veins just below where they enter into the deep system veins. We offer procedures such as endovenous radio frequency ablation (EVRF) and endovenous laser ablation (EVLA). We have almost two decades of helping develop the most effective techniques available using these devices. These treatments allow for safe and localized treatment to damaged vessels without affecting any of the neighboring tissue.

VenaSeal is another groundbreaking option offered at Colorado Skin and Vein. For this treatment, the vascular team seals your damaged vessels using a specialized medical grade surgical adhesive.


The provider may also choose to treat diseased vessels with medication such as Polidocanol foams such as Varithena. This medication is very effective in closing smaller or more tortuous vessels. It is injected into the diseased vessel, denaturing the proteins in the cellular walls of the vein. Once these are closed, the blood is redirected into healthy vessels.


Microphlembectomy is a procedure that removes superficial veins through tiny 1-2mm incisions. This procedure is commonly done at the same time as the ablation of deep vein leading to the varicosity while the limb is anesthetized. Especially in cases of large, bulging vessels, physical removal of the vein provides the quickest and most beautiful results.

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