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Thread Lift

Revolutionary MINT PDO Threads for Youthful Transformation

Are you looking to tighten the skin around your cheeks, brows, neck, or jaw? For over 5 years Colorado Skin and Vein has been your trusted partner in providing innovative MINT PDO Thread lifts. Our CANS certified NP is an artist and her results both smooth and rejuvenate the treated areas.

Experience the power of MINT PDO Threads – a cutting-edge solution to combat loose or sagging skin. At Colorado Skin and Vein, we employ the latest advancements in cosmetic techniques to deliver results that defy the aging process. With an intricate understanding of facial contours, we strategically use threads to lift and tighten, restoring your youthful appearance.


If you are not ready for a face lift but want to see real results, a thread lift might be the most effective answer. Our office is located just 12 miles south of Denver in beautiful Greenwood Village, CO. We guarantee the best results possible so don’t wait, call us today for the best non-surgical skin tightening available.

A thread lift is a short, minimally invasive procedure that can lift sagging skin around the brow, mid face, jaw and neck.  They can even be used to help realign the contours and elevate the tip of the nose. This technique uses tiny threads which grab and lift tissue to tighten problem areas.

After numbing the skin, the threads are inserted using very fine cannulas just under the dermis. Once placed, they help anchor the overlying tissue in its appropriate place and then stimulate new collagen growth in that area.   Not only does the skin get an instantly visible lift, but the underlying tissue is also tightened, and collagen production is increased through this technique.

If you are an adult who has noticed signs of aging in the neck, jowls, and jawline, or who has drooping brows, marionette lines, or sunken cheeks, then you may be an excellent candidate for the PDO Thread Lift. For patients who want the bridge of the nose to appear straighter or tip of the nose lifted, Thread Lift of also a good option. Typically, the best results are seen by people who maintain a healthy lifestyle and have maintained their weight for 3 months.

A typical treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated. This will include time for the topical numbing agent/local anesthetic to take effect and the threading procedure to be performed.

Most patients will see an instant lifting of the skin when the procedure is complete. There will also be visible changes in the contouring of the areas treated, as well as the diminished look of lines and wrinkles. Because the procedure promotes the production of collagen, firmer and smoother looking skin will continue to become visible over the following weeks and months. Results generally last from nine to eighteen months.

The PDO Thread Lift is a treatment that originated in South Korea and involves the use of a safe and effective absorbable thread made from a material called Polydioxanone or PDO. This thread has helically molded texture that will anchor sagging tissue, lift it upwards, and give instant rejuvenating and contouring to the area being treated. PDO has been used in medicine for over 40 years. It is a safe and non-allergenic sugar that completely breaks down over time

HansBiomed, the manufacturer of Mint PDO threads, holds the highest number of FDA indications for threads and has manufactured the best portfolio of threads currently available.

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