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Safe & Effective Treatment For Cellulite

I’ve had the pleasure of serving the Denver community for over a decade. During that time, one of the most frustrating questions that I consistently received, is how to address cellulite. Patients have been looking for a cellulite treatment that is safe, effective, and permanent. Unfortunately, for many years, all I could do was educate them about treatments that would provide at most a 10 to 15 percent improvement for a few months and need to be repeated every few months. Last October, when the FDA approved Cellfina™, that all changed. Cellfina™ is a permanent treatment for cellulite reduction and works like nothing else on the market. It is the only FDA-approved procedure that shows long-term results in clinical studies. The latest clinical study shows over a 92 percent patient satisfaction rate, even after four years.

Cellfina™ is an in-office procedure and only takes about 45 minutes. First, the areas to be treated are identified and numbed. Then, the tiny bands of fibrous tissue that pull the skin down are isolated and cut to achieve a smooth, dimple-free appearance. This is a no downtime cellulite treatment, and patients start to see results in as few as three days. Most patients experience mild tenderness and bruising, returning to their normal activities within 24 hours. A single treatment is all that is needed for permanent cellulite reduction.

Colorado Skin & Vein was one the first offices here in Denver to offer this state of the art cellulite procedure. With our background in liposuction, CoolSculpting®, and skincare, we get the most out of this technology for our patients. The treatment works best on cellulite located over the buttocks and the top half of the thighs. When my patients ask me about cellulite treatments, I am now happy to have an effective option.

If you have been dreaming of smoother skin over your buttocks and thighs, Cellfina™ is the answer. Contact our office today and let one of our friendly staff get you scheduled for a consultation. Call us at 303.683.3235 or fill out our online contact form.

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