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How Can I Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Lumps. Bumps. Dimples. Cellulite goes by many colloquial names. However, many people misunderstand what it is — and how to get rid of cellulite and its appearance.

If you have been pestered by cellulite for far too long, read on to find out about cellulite and cellulite treatment options that work.

What Is Cellulite, Anyway?

At the most basic level, cellulite is caused when fibrous bands form between the skin and muscle. Rather than stretching and flexing, the bands grip the skin. This causes the skin surface to become uneven.

Cellulite is particularly common in women and frequently shows up on the legs, bottom, hips, and abdomen. It can sometimes be seen elsewhere, such as the upper arms.

Every case of cellulite tends to be unique. Some people have a predisposition for developing cellulite that’s been passed down through the generations. Other people realize they have cellulite after losing or gaining weight. Regardless of why cellulite occurs, it’s often considered an unappealing nuisance.

Is There Any Way to Permanently Get Rid of Cellulite?

There are several ways to treat the appearance of cellulite. These treatment methods do not necessarily get rid of the cellulite but can make the skin seem tighter and smoother. Consequently, the problem of cellulite is solved even if the bands connecting the muscles and skin remain inflexible.

Some of the most common cellulite treatment methods include:

Radiofrequency Energy

Processes like the Profound® RF treatment system rely on radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin. As the skin becomes firmer and the energy encourages collagen production, the skin loses its signature cellulite bumpiness. It is worth noting that the Profound RF treatment has other uses as well, such as adding volume to sagging facial skin.


Some people who have cellulite find success in reducing their cellulite appearance by engaging in cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. As they build muscle and burn calories, they change the amount of fat between the muscles and the skin. The result is a smoother area with reduced dimpling.


Along with exercise, those with cellulite may want to clean up their diets. A healthier diet rich in whole, nutritious foods can work to reduce weight gain-related cellulite. For instance, some women who see cellulite around their stomachs find that eating fewer processed, fatty, and sugary foods helps.


If you want a topical cellulite treatment you can apply at home, consider trying some of the more reputable skin firming creams with or without retinol that are available on the market. This is not a fast fix and can take months to reveal softer, smoother skin. Nevertheless, creams give you one more weapon in the battle against unwanted cellulite.


Numerous men and women with cellulite feel that their cellulite is less noticeable after a professional massage. Though the cellulite doesn’t actually disappear, the skin may look more toned for a few hours after the massage. When combined with other cellulite treatments, massage can work well. Plus, it reduces stress as an added side benefit. No time to get to a masseuse? Use a loofah sponge to stimulate your cellulite-prone areas.

Surgical Procedures

Minimally invasive and invasive surgical procedures such as subcision and liposuction are used by some people to address cellulite. However, any surgery should be discussed with your primary care physician. Even if you want your cellulite to go away quickly, you may be better off trying non-invasive treatments first.

How Can I Avoid Getting More Cellulite?

You have the appearance of your cellulite under control, thanks to a variety of treatments. Great! But you want to ensure that more doesn’t appear somewhere else on your body.

The best way to stop preventable cellulite is to avoid fad dieting and work out on a regular basis. And if you notice any cellulite forming as you get older, address it immediately instead of waiting until it gets worse.

Want to discuss your cellulite treatment with a professional who can give you personalized advice? Contact Colorado Skin & Vein today to learn all the ways that you can finally say goodbye to the look of frustrating cellulite. Smoother, younger, more attractive skin is within your reach!

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