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Can I Get Imported Botox Cosmetic For A Lower Cost?

Unfortunately the answer is very much no. Your friend’s doctor is doing something both unethical and illegal. The DEA makes it illegal to import Botox or any other injectable from another country because they cannot monitor the product. The other issue is that of counterfeiting, which has become big business around the globe. This is especially true of Botox coming from Canada, Mexico, and France.

  • The only way to assure yourself that you are getting the real thing is to copy down the lot number and call Allergan (the manufacturer of Botox) to double check that that particular lot number was delivered that the doctor who injected it.
  • Another tip, make sure that your provider is willing to mix the Botox in front of you (it comes as a dry powder) that way you are assured they are not over-diluting their product.
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