JUVÉDERM® provides instant correction for:

  • Lip enhancement and augmentation
  • Correction of lines around the mouth
  • Correction of nasolabial folds and around the eyes
  • Correction of lines between the eyes
  • Filler for depressed scars

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a protein that our skin produces naturally. It helps give skin volume and retain moisture. As our skin ages, it contains less hyaluronic acid and this is one of the many factors that contribute to aging.

JUVÉDERM® is an FDA-approved, hyaluronic-acid-based gel that is used to add volume to the skin. By placing small amounts of this clear, smooth gel under the skin, we can decrease facial wrinkles, reduce scars and enhance the lips.

We train providers all over the U.S. and Canada in the best ways to administer fillers. This helps assure you of a gentle, consistent and effective procedure. Two weeks after your first treatment you will follow-up with your provider to guarantee you are happy with the results.

Colorado Skin and Vein is one of the leading providers ofJUVÉDERM®in Denver, Colorado. We are always happy to meet with you to review your injectable needs. Please call (303) 683-3235 to schedule an appointment, or request a consult online and one of our friendly office staff will contact you within 24 hours.

What Is the Brilliant Distinctions® Program?

BrilliantDistinctions_PurpleBrilliant Distinctions® is a program offered by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, and LATISSE®. Patients earn points points on select Allergan products and services. These points can then be used to create a coupon that you can apply toward future select cosmetic treatments or purchases. Ask us how to learn more about this rewarding programing.


What is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a stabilized hyaluronic acid used to correct wrinkles on the face and undesired folds in the facial skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring glycoprotein that everyone already has in their skin. The main job of hyaluronic acid in the skin is to attract water molecules and keep the skin supple. It is measured by a syringe, each of which contains about 1.0cc of product.

What should I expect?

Juvéderm will help correct lines in the following areas:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Melomental folds (Marionette lines)
  • Peri-oral wrinkles
  • Glabellar lines (Lines between the eyes)

Results are immediate, but are seen more clearly after any swelling and bruising have resolved, usually about 1-2 weeks. We prefer a conservative, natural-looking result.  We can ALWAYS inject more Juvéderm should you want it.


How much Juvéderm will I need?

This depends on:

  • How many areas need to be treated
  • Depth of the defect to be filled
  • Amount of correction requested by the patient

How long will it last?

  • In areas of minimal movement, Juvéderm can be expected to last up to one year.
  • In areas of significant muscle movement, Juvéderm usually lasts about nine months.

What should I do before I come in?

Please try to avoid products including (but not limited to): Vitamin E, flax seed, fish oil, NSAIDS (Aleve, Motrin, Advil), aspirin and red wine 7-10 days before and after your treatment. These products increase the likelihood and severity of bleeding and bruising. As there may be some numbness from the lidocaine, it is best not to  drink hot fluids for an hour after treatment.


Who will do my treatment?

Our nurse injectionist, Laura Carlsen, will discuss your facial concerns and help develop a plan that will suit your needs and your budget.  Laura is a highly specialized Aesthetic Registered Nurse Injector, who has well over a decade of experience in the  Denver area.   Patients travel from all over for her experience as a  “natural look specialist.” Laura has a vast aesthetic knowledge of available treatments and skincare.  She has trained with some of the best injectors in the world, including Dr. Danny Vleggar from Switzerland.  She has even been asked to train physicians on some of the newest lasers.  Laura is committed to developing long-term relationships with her patients.  She works very hard to make sure that each patient’s goals are understood and achieved with great success.


What will happen during the appointment?

Laura will discuss your expectations and what areas you are interested in having treated. She will spend as long as needed until you are comfortable before your treatment. Immediately before your procedure, the treatment area will be prepped with alcohol and photos will be taken. For your comfort, we will provide you with a facial nerve block.This is done using a small amount of lidocaine/epinephrine placed near the nerves that provide sensation to the cheeks and lips. Although the medication stings for a few seconds when it is introduced, this is not a painful process. A very fine 30 g needle (the same used by diabetics for their daily insulin treatments) will be used to administer the lidocaine. Laura is very gentle and almost all patients report minimal, if any, pain.The total treatment time will normally last about 30 minutes.

We are always happy to meet with you to review your injectable needs. Please call 303.683.3235 to schedule an appointment or use the free consultation form and someone will call you as soon as possible.

Dr. Verebelyi is a member of ASLMS, ABVLM, AAFP and Mensa

Dr. Verebelyi is a nationally recognized authority on laser surgery. He is board certified by both the American Board of Family Practice and The American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. Dr. Verebelyi helped create the Fundamentals of Laser Surgery course given by American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS) where he has worked as both a director and instructor. He is a Fellow at the ASLMS, member of the American College of Phlebology and a member of Mensa.

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