*Before finding Dr. Verebelyi, I had tried numerous costly and painful treatments in an effort to reduce my acne scarring, including a very devastating CO2 laser that produced very little results. I went to Colorado Center for Photomedicine for a microdermabrasion and had a free consultation with Dr. Verebelyi regarding laser resuracing procedures that were far less invasive than what I had tried in the past, with minimal downtime and higher success rates for treating acne scarring.
He recommended repeated procedures and was convinced we would see results. After the first Pearl FX treatments. The improvement to my scarring is significant and truly life changing. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Verebelyi and his staff, who genuinely care about their patients. Every word regarding the procedures and commitment of results has been true. It is with trust and appreciation that I write this testimonial of their excellence.


– Jill Marko

*Dr Verebelyi is a treasure! The laser and other treatments he has done on my fact ( especially Active FX) have made a very noticeable difference in the quality and look of my skin. In addition he is warm, approachable and endlessly patient, explaining exactly how procedures work, answering all of my many questions. A person’s age may be simply a fact, be the way we look is definalety negotiable! Dr. Verebelyi is the kind of doctor I would travel from another city to see.


– Monica Woods

*After a lifetime with decent skin, everything changed for me in my mid-thirties, including a bout of cystic acne, a mole removal gone wrong, rosacea, and a lot of scarring on my face from all of it. I was depressed every time I looked in the mirror and hated being in front of anyone, especially those I had known “before”. I didn’t have high hopes, but scheduled a consultation with Dr. Verebelyi after a lot of research online. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. There’s so much improvement to my scarring and redness after laser treatments, I feel like a different person.

– A. M.

Hi Dave

*I came by tonight at about 5:50 for follow-up and pix but you were locked up. Got to tell ya…..it’s weird because I don’t really remember how I looked before you did the latest procedures, but people are commenting on how “terrific” (?) I look. I went next door to my friend, Chris’s house after work yesterday for a martini, and she was talking to me and all of a sudden burst out crying…I was like “What’s wrong??!!” And she said..”you make me look so old!!!” SO I whipped out your card and said to call you…NOW!! (She’s the one with the thing under her eye that I asked you about…) But anyway…I guess I’m just trying to say thank you AGAIN for all that you do TO me and FOR me. I am your biggest fan and sing your praises all day long. I miss seeing you guys everyday. I love all you guys over there and I think you have an awesome operation going on. When I get things up and running again in my business, I am going to treat you and Tasha to a night out ………….babysitting included. In the meantime, I am making a concentrated effort on not smoking. It made an impact on me when you said something about doing all this good stuff for me, but it is getting undone by smoking. Only had one today instead of one pack…..yeah.

Later, my friend
thanks again

– Mollie

*I have always been active and felt like I was keeping in good shape, but once I started creeping over 40 my stomach did not have the same look as when I was 20 or even 30. I tried SmartLipo in the fall of 2008 and now I have my stomach muscles back! He even was able to minimize an old hernia operations scar. The results 6 months, I year and 2 years later have been remarkable.

– R. B.

*Dr. Verebelyi: Again you performed miracles and I love the results. Seven years ago and again a few months ago, I had you perform the CO2 Fractional resurfacing on my face. My skin looks great and I just love the comments I receive on how good my skin looks.

Your staff is warm and welcoming, making for an overall pleasurable experience.

Looking forward to seeing you in your new space.

– B.M.

*I have been a patient of Colorado Skin and Vein for over 10 years. I trusted them completely with Kybella procedure and after the 1st  set of injections was happy with the results.  I just had my 2nd round of injections yesterday and am looking forward to having a leaner jawline and cleaner profile.  My thanks to all of them for their expertise, caring and commitment to excellence and patient care.

– Carolyn Strong

*I have been going to Colorado Skin & Vein for a few years now for minor enhancements such as Botox injections. The results have been excellent leaving my face looking young and creaseless which caused me to focus on my next imperfection, the moles on my face.

I spoke to Dr. Verebelyi about removing them and during our discussion he suggested a micro-laser peel in addition to the mole removals, to further improve the texture, feel and overall appearance of my skin. I followed his advice and I have to say it was the best procedure to date I have committed to and I’d do it again!

The appointment was on a Monday and by the following Saturday I could already see results. The nurses were extremely patient with my questions and one of them had gone through a similar process which made me feel even more comfortable in knowing what to expect. Thanks for the smooth and flawless skin, Colorado Skin & Vein!

– Jenna H.

Dr. Verebelyi,
*I was having the keloid on my shoulder’s first treatment on the 7th. of this month. I just wanted to thank you because for a keloid that I’ve had for 35 years the procedure and initial results went way beyond my expectations. You have magical hands, because having had many many treatments before I realized that it is not so much the “ingredients” (which any doctor have access to) but the hand what makes a difference.

The keloid although bruised as normal, is not as sensitive and it feels somewhat flattened. The best of all it did not hurt at all after the procedure. I never thought I would say this, but I am actually looking forward to my next treatment.


– Luz

*I have been seeing Dr. Verebelyi for a couple of years he is doing laser treatments on a port wine stain (birthmark) that covers the majority of my face. I have seen numerous doctors in the past but none of them have produced the results that Dr. Verebelyi has accomplished. The Doc and all of his staff are awesome. Although the treatments can be painful I enjoy the opportunity to go in and see all of them. They do everything they can to make me feel welcome and comfortable prior to, during and after my treatments. My birthmark is barely noticeable now this is something I’ve wished for my whole life. Thanks Cod you and your staff truly are the best.

– V.

*I have been going to the Colorado Center for Photomedicine since 2008. Originally, I was just curious about reducing the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. The results were terrific. But better yet, I have had large circles under my eyes since I was in middle school and after one treatment of Juvederm over two years ago I have never looked better. Thanks Dr. Verebelyi!

– R.

*It isn’t easy finding the right doctor and practice for a cosmetic procedure. I started out on the internet looking at before and after photographs and then looking at the doctors who had actually performed the procedures. I was surprised to find that the same before and after photographs turn up on different web sites for different doctors and their practices all over the country. For me it was very, very important to match the before and after photographs with the doctors who had actually performed the procedure. I loved the photographs I found showing the work of Dr. Verebelyi and I booked in for Total FX procedure. I traveled from the UK for the procedure and everything wend as smoothly as I could have done and I am so thrilled with the results.

I was so well looked after. All the staff are warm and friendly and I enjoyed myself. All my concerns before the procedure had been thoroughly discussed and I was confident that the outcome would be as positive as Dr. Verebelyi had expressed to me it would be. It is a long way for me to travel for a procedure but is was without a doubt a worthwhile trip.

– M. T. Y. ( UK resident)

Dear Dr Verebelyi,

*I just wanted to thank you for being courageous and taking my case. Doctors I have consulted in the past have discouraged me from trying anything for their fear of “making things worse.”

Even today, less than 24 hrs after the procedure I’m astonished at the beautiful result. Words cannot express my joy. Even my hubby (a skeptic) cannot deny the change in my profile already. I’ve even felt some release of pull from the chest scar. You truly are a gifted MD.

Thank you to you and wonderful staff for taking such good care. See you Monday.

– G

*Individual Results May Vary.