Smartlipo™ Body Sculpting

Following a healthy lifestyle can have an immensely positive impact on a person’s quality of life. However, even the most rigorous diet and exercise routines often fail to eliminate areas of stubborn fat, leaving many people feeling as though they will never reach their full potential. Body sculpting with Smartlipo™ can help you attain the beautiful, fit body you deserve. Smartlipo™ uses advanced technology to safely and effectively remove localized fat without the cost or downtime associated with traditional liposuction. This procedure creates more slender and attractive body contours so you can feel sexy and have the confidence you’ve always wanted.

Smartlipo™ Advantages

Multiple Treatment Areas

“Love handles” and “muffin tops” and “saddle bags,” oh my! There’s no need to fear problem areas any longer; Smartlipo™ can eliminate all of these issues and more! Whether you’re concerned about a double chin, belly bulge, thunder thighs, or bulging fat along your bra line, Smartlipo™ can precisely treat almost any area of the body.

Tighter & Smoother Skin

Smartlipo™ promotes tissue retraction to produce tighter skin in the treatment area once the fat is removed. Smartlipo™ has been shown to consistently produce 80% more skin tightening than traditional liposuction.

Lower Cost

Smartlipo™ does not require general anesthesia and can be performed in an office-based setting rather than requiring admittance to a hospital or surgery center. This significantly reduces the price of treatment, meaning that Smartlipo™ has a lower cost (about 40% less) and provides superior results compared to traditional liposuction.

Faster Recovery Time

Smartlipo™ uses laser technology to melt the fat within the treated area, which makes removal easier and causes less damage to the surrounding tissues. This means less downtime (only a few days) and fewer side effects, so you can get back to your regular schedule and enjoy your new and improved body shape sooner.

Look Great in Clothing

So many people have a hard time finding clothes that they look and feel good in. After Smartlipo™, you will have a wider variety of clothing options that will look great on you. Don’t worry about having to hide those “love handles” or that “muffin top” with loose-fitting or bulky clothes any more; your new, slender body contours will look fabulous in almost anything you wear!

Smartlipo™ Faq

The procedure generally takes two to three hours to complete, depending on the number of areas treated.

During Smartlipo™ treatment, patients are given oral medication to make them comfortable. Local anesthesia is used over the areas to be treated, and many patients fall asleep during the procedures.

YES! The fat cells that are removed by Smartlipo™ do not grow back. Although we cannot stop your body from aging, the benefits of this procedure will always be apparent.

Almost every healthy adult is a good candidate for Smartlipo™. In general, the ideal candidate:

  • Is in good health, exercises regularly, is within 25 pounds of his or her ideal weight, and has a body mass index (BMI) under 30
  • Has one or more areas of localized fat deposits that have responded poorly to diet and exercise
  • Is bothered by these fatty areas and is motivated to get rid of them permanently

Dr. Verebelyi will review the benefits and risks of Smartlipo™ with you during your consultation visit. He will assess whether you are a good candidate with respect to your medical health, and he will clarify how Smartlipo™ can help you achieve your goals.

Smartlipo™ is extremely effective for improving areas that have been previously treated with traditional liposuction. With Smartlipo™, we can further contour the superficial fat and slightly tighten the overlying skin. This is especially beneficial for patients who are relatively thin and desire additional toning and sculpting.

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