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CryoShape™ is one of the newest and most promising treatments for keloids scars. It was developed by a plastic surgeon, in order to remove the excess keloid tissue while sparing the healthy skin on top.

CryoShape™ may be the most effective treatments available for keloids and hypertrophic scars. It directly treats the deep scar material so significant improvement is noted in just a few treatments.

Unlike other procedures, CryoShape™ can reduce scar volume by as much as 50 to 70 percent in a single treatment. Due to its ability to spare the healthy superficial skin, there is minimal risk of pigmentation changes when compared to traditional cryotherapy.

To learn more about CryoShape™, please call 303.683.3235 or fill out our online contact form today. Colorado Skin & Vein serves Englewood and the greater Denver, CO area.

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