Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment

Unsightly cellulite on the thighs and buttocks affects over 90 percent of women at some point in their lives. No amount of exercise or expensive topical products can permanently reduce or remove it. We at Colorado Skin & Vein are proud to offer The Cellfina™ System, the only FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure that is clinically proven in three-year studies to reduce the appearance of cellulite. After treatment, 98.2 percent of patients saw noticeable improvement, and 75 percent considered their improvement marked or better. After seeing the permanent results of this quick, “lunch-hour” treatment, patients often report having the confidence to wear higher hemlines and bathing suits that reveal their smoother, more healthy-looking skin.

Amazing Benefits

Short Procedure Time

In as few as 45 minutes, Cellfina™ eliminates the structural bands that cause cellulite. In most cases, only one treatment is necessary to see results.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

A very small, needle-sized device is used to remove the cellulite. No incisions are needed, and no operating room or general anesthesia is required.

Faster Recovery Time

Since Cellfina™ is a quick and minimally invasive treatment, recovery time is virtually non-existent. Patients can immediately resume almost all of their normal activities after treatment.

Long-Lasting Results

Cellfina™ is the only FDA-cleared device for cellulite treatment that provides results that last at least three years. Three years after treatment, 94 percent of patients were still satisfied with their results.

Cellfina™ Faq

If you have cellulite on your buttocks or the back of your thighs, are in good physical health, then you are likely a good candidate for Cellfina™.

Cellulite is caused by the connective bands that run through the fat throughout the thighs and buttocks. Fat bulges between the bands to create unsightly dimples on the surface of the skin. The Cellfina™ System releases the tension on these bands to create a smooth appearance. After a numbing agent is applied the specially designed applicator is used to remove these bands in the previously marked areas. Cellfina™ will continue to smooth the skin for several weeks, but most patients can see a noticeable improvement in as few as three days.

There may be some mild to moderate tenderness, soreness, and bruising after the treatment. Over eighty percent of patients had little to no discomfort after three days.

We at Colorado Skin & Vein are the only practice in the area to routinely offer this new and highly effective treatment for cellulite. Visit us at our new, state-of-the-art facility with large, comfortable treatment rooms. Our staff is extensively trained in fat anatomy and contouring with this procedure, and we are dedicated to providing the best results for our patients.

Cellfina™ Before & After Photos

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