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Using Microneedling Treatments For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on your thighs, buttocks, and stomach can be frustrating and even embarrassing. However, with proven stretch mark removal treatment methods like microneedling with SkinPen, you can minimize the look of stretch marks. This method allows you to experience the improved confidence you desire and deserve.

Why do stretch marks occur?

Before diving into the stretch mark removal treatment process known as microneedling, let’s talk more about stretch marks in general. For instance, how do we get stretch marks in the first place? Are stretch marks genetic? Are they permanent?

To understand stretch marks, you need to understand the makeup of your skin. Your skin contains both elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen keep your skin plump, bright, and youthful-looking. When you lose or gain weight within a short period of time, you may cause damage to the elastin and collagen layers. The damage isn’t severe but will be noticeable. Stretch marks are the visible result of that damage.

As you might imagine, stretch marks can occur throughout your lifetime. A growth spurt during your teens might cause stretch marks on your legs, hips, or back. Pregnancy can be a time of stretch mark development, too.

How are stretch marks removed with microneedling?

Although stretch marks usually fade somewhat, they will not go away on their own. There is no way to get rid of stretch marks completely. You can successfully get them to fade through stretch mark removal treatment solutions such as microneedling.

How will microneedling stretch marks make them seem less obvious? Microneedling involves making thousands of microchannels within an area of affected skin. The microchannels stimulate the surrounding elastin and collagen, encouraging new, firmer skin regeneration. Typically, people see an immediate difference after microneedling stretch marksThey can expect to see improvements for several weeks after each microneedling session.

What is the benefit of the SkinPen for microneedling?

The tools that your doctor uses when microneedling stretch marks matter. Advanced tools tend to translate to more precise and reliable outcomes. As the world’s first microneedling device cleared by the FDA, the SkinPen produces unparalleled results when applied to stretch marks.

The SkinPen works quickly, too. With each pass, the device delivers hundreds of microchannels into the skin. Its advanced engineering and design allow it to be adjusted to different depths. This makes it a particularly versatile tool that offers true treatment personalization.

What are the biggest side effects of microneedling stretch marks?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive process. It does come with a couple of common side effects. The most evident is redness at the site where the microneedling was performed. The redness will go away within a few days as the elastin and collagen production increases. Some people like to keep their skin covered during healing.

Sensitivity to sunlight is another side effect of microneedling. Care needs to be taken to avoid exposure to damaging UV rays. Applying sunscreen too soon may cause irritation. So right after microneedling, you may want to keep covered. Within about a week, you can apply sunscreen to the area.

How often does microneedling stretch marks need to be done?

A single microneedling session will be effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Most people follow up with at least one or two other microneedling sessions after about four to six weeks. In some circumstances, up to a half-dozen microneedling treatments may be warranted, especially if the stretch marks are very apparent.

What is the price for microneedling as a stretch mark removal treatment?

Microneedling costs vary based on a number of factors. These include the severity of the stretch marks, the size of the affected site, and the body’s response to microneedling. During your first consultation at Colorado Skin and Vein, you will be given a cost estimate individualized to your needs.

Is microneedling a safe choice for taking care of stretch marks?

If you have unsightly stretch marks, you probably want them as close to “gone” as possible. Microneedling can help you achieve your goal without compromising skin health or quality. To request a microneedling consultation, call (303) 683-3235 or fill out our online contact form today!

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