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Is There Any Upkeep With Laser Hair Removal?

Do you wish you had less hair on your legs, arms, face, bikini area, or back? Body hair can cause frustration and embarrassment, especially if the hair is located in a hard-to-hide place like the upper lip. That’s why so many people turn to non-invasive laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair. 

Laser hair removal relies on the power of safe lasers to cause the hair follicles below the skin to become inactive. Once they become inactive, the follicles stop producing hair. Though laser hair removal isn’t a permanent solution, it promises smoother, silkier skin without the need for constant shaving, waxing, or threading for many months. You can stop worrying about annoying hair and start feeling more confident about your appearance.

After looking up “laser hair removal near me” and “How much is laser hair removal?” and planning accordingly once you get your answers, you’ll have to get ready for the procedure. In particular, you should plan how you’re going to take care of your skin post-treatment. Below are some of the most important laser hair removal “to-dos.”

Keep Your Treated Skin Away From the Sun

As you might suspect, your skin will be sensitive after undergoing aesthetic laser hair removal treatment. This is natural. To protect your skin, wear a sunscreen of at least SPF30 and avoid going to tanning beds. Even a mild case of sunburn can lead to blistering, pain, swelling, and skin discoloration. Consequently, stock up on sun protection products and use them generously.

Avoid Moisturizers With Fragrances

Most people who’ve had laser hair removal use moisturizers to keep their skin calm and soft. Yet some moisturizers contain potential irritants and allergens in the forms of fragrances and coloring. Even if you love wearing a moisturizer that smells good, only use fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturizers on laser-treated areas.

Tame Your Use of Body Scrubs After Laser Hair Removal

Body scrubs can feel great in the shower but may be too rough for lasered skin. For the first few days or week after undergoing the laser hair removal process, stay away from scrubs. You will be able to use them again once your skin has fully recovered and isn’t as tender.

Avoid Using Deodorant

Are you planning to have your underarm hair removed? Though it might be a little hard to imagine, avoid putting on any deodorant or antiperspirant for several days. What should you do instead to control sweating? Wearing light, breathable fabrics and avoiding too many layers can help you feel fresh. So can sponging off your underarm area with cool, mildly soapy water a couple of times a day and after rigorous activities.

Note Unexpected Changes in Your Skin

Most people respond to laser hair removal treatment predictably. That said, there is always the chance that you might experience an unexpected change in your skin. If that happens, just call the practice where you received your laser hair removal. The professionals there will be able to offer advice on how to proceed.

Resist the Temptation to Wax or Pluck

Your initial laser hair removal appointment will remove up to 25% of your unwanted hair according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. Each subsequent appointment four to six weeks later will remove even more. Nevertheless, you can expect to have some hair remaining. While it’s fine to start shaving again, don’t wax or pluck your hair. Waxing and plucking further irritate and damage hair follicles. Shaving is much gentler.

Laser Hair Removal Maintenance

Ultimately, laser hair removal maintenance requires very little attention. You only have to make sure that you’re treating your skin well and following any post-treatment recommendations given to you at your laser hair removal appointment.

Ready to spend less energy worrying about your unwanted leg, body, or facial hair? Consider laser hair removal. The upfront investment of your laser hair removal cost will more than pay for itself in the money you’ll save when you don’t have to constantly buy new razors or pay for waxing appointments.

For more on laser hair removal, get in touch today.

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