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How Much Does A Chemical Peel Cost?

Feb 03, 2020
Chemical peels are not new, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. But the science behind them is anything but ancient.

Chemical peels are not new, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. But the science behind them is anything but ancient. If you desire smooth, beautiful skin, a chemical peel at Colorado Skin & Vein may be exactly what you need to achieve younger, fresh-faced results.

How Much Does A Chemical Peel Cost?


How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Modern-day chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin, which is damaged by the sun, pollutant exposure, and impurities that cause acne or other skin imperfections, bringing forth healthier skin beneath. Chemical peels can if deep enough, remove precancerous skin growths. At Colorado Skin & Vein, our Paramedical Aesthetician determines which peel is best suited for your skin’s condition, type, and what your aesthetic goals entail. Each peel is indicated for varying skin types and concerns, and work to remove or minimize:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne or acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Precancerous growths
  • Uneven skin texture and tone

Am I a Good Candidate?

Chemical peels are customizable for all skin types, so if you’re concerned about acne, fine lines, and wrinkles, age spots or sun damage, or precancerous growths, you may be an ideal candidate. Schedule a consultation with Colorado Skin & Vein for information on specific peels that may be right for you.

What Chemical Peel Should I Have?

We offer a variety of peels to suit nearly every skin condition and type. Your ideal peel is best determined after a thorough skin analysis during your consultation. These may include:

  • SkinCeuticals Micro Peel: This peel is a light chemical peel perfect for superficial skin issues such as skin tightening and improving skin tone.
  • SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel: At a medium-depth, this peel is designed to target hyperpigmented or brown spotted skin.
  • SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective Peel: As a medical-grade peel, this deep chemical peel can help to restore the skin back to its youthful texture and tone.
  • TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid Peel: This peel is our deepest, with several days of downtime to target severe sun damage, acne scarring, deep lines and wrinkles, and precancerous growths.


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What Does a Chemical Peel Cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chemical peels average around $673. Light peels may be as low as $150, while deep peels can rise to $3,000 or above. However, the cost to your self-esteem and confidence may not be quantified in monetary value, and Colorado Skin & Vein offers financing options so you don’t have to choose between your health and your pocketbook.

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