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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Oct 20, 2020
Laser hair removal is a long-lasting hair reduction treatment. Compared to shaving, waxing, and threading – laser hair removal offers the best bang for your buck in terms of time, money, and longevity of results.

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting hair reduction treatment. Compared to shaving, waxing, and threading – laser hair removal offers the best bang for your buck in terms of time, money, and longevity of results.

Laser Hair Removal


*Individual Results May Vary.

About Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal treatment works by heating and deactivating the follicles that produce hair. The pigment in strands of hair (melanin) absorbs light emitted by the laser generating heat. It then transmits this energy to the follicle beneath the skin, delaying or eliminating its capacity to produce hairs in the future.

Laser hair removal is an alternative hair removal solution to waxing or shaving. It allows you to remove hair growth from parts of the body long-term, including under the arms, the bikini area, back, upper lip, legs, or any other site on the body exhibiting unwanted or annoying growth.

Is it Permanent? 

At Colorado Skin & Vein, we consider laser hair removal a semi-permanent hair removal treatment. The therapy eliminates most follicles’ capacity to produce hair, which is a process that the body cannot usually reverse. Some hairs may continue growing after the first treatment as previously dormant follicles reactivate. But second, third, and fourth treatments will usually eliminate these too.

Following laser hair removal, most patients will see reductions in hair growth sufficient to eliminate the need for periodic hair removal methods, such as shaving and waxing. Please note, though, that you may still see some growth at certain points in your life, especially if you experience hormonal changes.


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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal offers a host of practical benefits you can start enjoying soon after your first session. These include: 

  • Elimination of ingrown hairs. Shaving and waxing both carry a risk of ingrown hairs, which can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. However, laser hair removal works in a fundamentally different way, inactivating the follicle at the source, thereby bypassing this issue. 
  • Precision. Laser hair removal is also precise. Just tell Dr. Verebelyi and the team which hairs you would like to target, and they can direct equipment to eliminate these specifically. 
  • Fast treatment. Not only does laser hair removal provide a method to reduce the time you spend on hair removal outside the clinic, but most treatments demand that you spend very little time at the clinic too. We complete hair removal on large areas such as the legs in as little as 30 minutes, with no downtime afterward. 

Save time and money. While there are upfront costs for laser hair removal, you stand to save considerably over the long-term. You no longer have to spend money on shaving or waxing materials. And you can complete your morning routine faster, without having to go through any lengthy hair removal routines.

Am I a Candidate? 

Practically all patients can benefit from laser hair removal. It is a minimally-invasive procedure and effective for the vast majority of candidates, regardless of their hair’s thickness, darkness, or coarseness.

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