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How Does A CO2 Laser Rejuvenate Skin?

Mar 24, 2021
In the Information Age, we can become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data about skin care, particularly laser skin resurfacing. Colorado Skin and Vein has the answers to these questions and more.

In the Information Age, we can become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data about skin care, particularly laser skin resurfacing. Colorado Skin and Vein has the answers to these questions and more. Here’s a deeper look at the CO2 laser treatment to resurface skin.

How Does A CO2 Laser Rejuvenate Skin?


*Individual Results May Vary.

How Does CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Work?

We offer both Active FX and Deep FX or fractional treatments with our CO2 laser at Colorado Skin and Vein, which can both be performed in the comfort of our offices without the need for general sedation. 

Active FX is an ideal procedure for tightening skin, lightening dark spots, shrinking appearance of pores, and diminishing moderate lines and wrinkles. For deeper wrinkles and scars, Deep FX is the treatment best recommended. During CO2 fractional skin resurfacing the laser will only treat a certain percentage of the skin. This creates a matrix of tiny, controlled channels in the skin, leaving “bridges” of skin untouched. These bridges act as an anchor during the healing process, something for new skin cells and collagen to originate from that’s closer in proximity to the channels. This speeds healing for patients to resume their normal schedule much faster than traditional CO2 laser treatments.


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Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re concerned about lines and wrinkles, scars, or have patches of uneven pigmentation you’d like to even out, you may be a good candidate for CO2 laser treatments at Colorado Skin and Vein.

What is CO2 Laser Treatment Like?

The precision of the CO2 laser in Dr Verebelyi’s hands is what ensures even treatment and customization of your specific skin concerns. This includes delicate areas around the eyes and mouth, which can be difficult to treat with traditional lasers. As the channels are created, skin cells are activated to tighten and collagen production is boosted, firming your skin and evening out skin tones and textures. The treatment is quick, completed in less than an hour. At Colorado Skin and Vein your provider will discuss options to keep you comfortable during treatment.

Is There Any Downtime?

Downtime with CO2 depends on your specific treatment. It generally takes 7-10 days to heal from the Co2 laser. With the great skincare products we provide at Colorado Skin and Vein the healing process is much faster and allows patients to return to their normal activities much sooner.

"I went in to Dr. Verebelyi for Bio-T he explained the procedure completely and was very professional. I was so please with the office that I had some hair removal done. The office is always helpful and prompt with scheduling. I’m very happy with my results and if I have any question they’re glad to answer every thing to my satisfaction."



What Results Can I Expect?

CO2 laser treatments remove the dull and damaged skin cells from your skin’s surface, allowing your skin to replace them with new skin cells. This leaves your skin looking youthful, radiant, and soft. Patients who have moderate or even severe lines and wrinkles will see diminished depth to these signs of age. Sun damage and age spots are lightened if not gone completely, and textural irregularities are repaired and smoothed away. As collagen production is improved, your skin will begin to feel firmer, look younger, and have a more supple appearance. 

CO2 laser treatments are a fantastic way to turn back the clock, and your skin will behave in a more youthful manner with improvements at the cellular level. Colorado Skin and Vein takes great pride in our depth of knowledge surrounding laser treatments of all kinds, and laser treatment with us can rejuvenate your skin in ways no over-the-counter treatment can achieve.

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