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How Can I Treat Spider Veins?

Dec 20, 2020
There are two main treatments you can consider for treating spider veins: sclerotherapy and laser vein removal.

There are two main treatments you can consider for treating spider veins: sclerotherapy and laser vein removal. Sclerotherapy is a technique that injects problematic blood vessels with an FDA approved medication, causing them to close up and get recycled by the body over time. Laser vein removal is a treatment that uses pulses of light to close the vessel walls,

How Can I Treat Spider Veins?


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What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins – also called thread veins or broken capillaries – are small clusters of red or blue veins visible through the skin. These are superficial veins and normally form when either deeper vessel valves are damaged (like those around the thighs, knee and ankles) or the area receives significant sun and the vessel dilated over time from UV exposure (like those on the face). 

Unlike varicose veins, spider veins don’t protrude through the skin. Normally, these are not painful.. However, they can cause cosmetic issues and may be a sign or more significant medical conditions such as Rosacea or venous reflux. 

Spider Vein Treatments

Fortunately, there are excellent treatments for treating vein today. However significant experience is required to correctly diagnose the issues and suggest the appropriate treatment. At Colorado Skin and Vein we have one the widest selections of vein treatments available anywhere in Denver. Here are some of the most common treatments that we offer: 


Sclerotherapy involves injecting a medication into dilated blood vessels to make them contract and close up. Sclerotherapy is best for vessels over half a millimeter and on the lower body. Once treated the inner wall of the vessel is damaged and the body removes the vein.

Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is a procedure that safely removes thread veins by pulsing them with targeted beams of light. The laser heats the blood vessels’ walls, this causes them to contract and be removed over time. 

Benefits of Spider Vein Treatment

At Colorado Skin & Vein, we identify several benefits of spider vein treatment: 

  • Minimally invasive: Both spider vein treatments – sclerotherapy and laser vein removal – are minimally invasive.
  • No downtime: The majority of patients can return to their regular schedule immediately following spider vein treatment. 
  • Feel more confident: Living with spider veins can be a distressing experience. With spider vein treatment, you can dramatically reduce and even eliminate their appearance, allowing you to feel more confident. 
  • Safe: In experienced hands, sclerotherapy and laser vein removal are extremely safe procedures with few side-effects and risks. 
  • High success rate: Patients can expect over 90 percent clearance after a short treatment series. 
  • Minimal discomfort and fast: Treatments are not painful and are typically complete in about 30 mintues. 


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Am I a Candidate for Spider Vein Removal?

If you have superficial vessels around your nose, cheeks,legs or almost anywhere on your body, we can help. If you are self conscious about the way they look or just want to ensure they are not a sign of a more serious medical problem, you might want to consider spider vein removal treatments from Dr. Verebelyi and the team. Both laser vein removal and sclerotherapy are highly effective and allow you to remove those unwanted veins from your skin without the need for surgery.

"I went in to Dr. Verebelyi for Bio-T he explained the procedure completely and was very professional. I was so please with the office that I had some hair removal done. The office is always helpful and prompt with scheduling. I’m very happy with my results and if I have any question they’re glad to answer every thing to my satisfaction."



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