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Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment For A Meniscus Tear

Knee problems are one of the most commonly reported issues by patients who visit orthopedic physicians. Since the knee joints go through so much stress every day, there is a high chance that these weight-bearing joints will become injured or damaged at some point during our lifetime.

One of the most common injuries athletes report is a meniscus tear. This injury can happen instantly as a result of a sudden change or twist in the knee position. However, the treatment and recovery for meniscus tears are not generally as fast. Patients who undergo surgery for these injuries can spend up to five months in recovery.

To avoid having to go through surgery for this type of injury, more medical professionals are turning to stem cell treatment for a meniscus tear.This type of non-surgical treatment comes with various benefits to patients.

Treatment for a Meniscus Tear

When patients suffer from meniscus tears, they can undergo surgery. However, surgery does not actually repair the damaged cartilage in the knee. Instead, it is a process that involves removing torn pieces of the meniscus, which can leave it more vulnerable. Unfortunately, many patients experience continued knee pain after meniscus surgery.

Instead of performing surgery, specialists are exploring the benefits of stem cell therapy for meniscus pain relief.Stem cell therapy is beneficial because it allows patients to receive knee pain treatment without surgery.This type of treatment provides many benefits when compared to traditional surgical treatment.

Unfortunately, the invasive nature of meniscus repair surgery is not something patients want to deal with. There is a long recovery process that is painful and time-consuming. It can also disrupt the lives of busy adults and leave them unable to fully bear weight or engage in any athletic event for several weeks. 

When surgery is performed on the meniscus, patients often continue to experience discomfort and pain. The meniscus is cut away and weakened instead of repaired and improved. For this reason, many people are turning to stem cell therapy to improve their meniscus recovery.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear

There are many benefits to using stem cell treatment instead of surgery to repair the meniscus. Stem cell therapy allows the meniscus to repair itself. Stem cell treatment for a meniscus teardoes not require invasive surgery or a lengthy recovery period. Instead, patients can undergo a same-day procedure that generates stem cells around the damaged area to promote the healing of the injured tissues. 

This procedure involves a quick, in-office injection of stem cells guided by fluoroscopy or ultrasound. Patients are then sent home that day.

A patient is injected with stem cells and encouraged to walk on the same day of treatment to promote faster healing. Patients will begin to see results in the area within three to four weeks after receiving their injections. If a patient’s injury caused severe damage, they may be required to undergo a second injection approximately four weeks after their initial injection. 

Stem cell therapy has benefits beyond repairing the tear. It also helps to decrease nerve damage and improves the function of cartilage in the knees. 

Patients further benefit from stem cell therapy because it drastically reduces their dependency on pain medication used to help relieve joint pain. 

See How Stem Cell Therapy Could Be the Best Choice for You

Stem cell therapy is quickly becoming one of the safest and non-invasive alternatives to meniscus surgery for patients. This therapy provides quick results without needing a lengthy and painful recovery. 

Our Colorado Skin and Vein team has years of experience helping patients find relief from knee and joint pain. We are dedicated to helping our patients live pain-free and recover quickly from their injuries. Our focus on stem cell therapy is to help you receive permanent relief without requiring intensive and invasive surgery.

If you want or are still curious about stem cell therapy for your meniscus tear, contact our Colorado Skin and Vein team to see how this procedure can help you.

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