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5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

May 13, 2020
Hair removal is often considered the most onerous chore of a person’s grooming routine, but people often hesitate to undertake laser hair removal.

Hair removal is often considered the most onerous chore of a person’s grooming routine, but people often hesitate to undertake laser hair removal. At Colorado Skin & Vein, we use the latest in laser technology for the fastest, most effective laser hair removal treatments available.

5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal


*Individual Results May Vary.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

As laser experts, Dr. David Verebelyi and the Colorado Skin & Vein team are exacting the types of lasers we’ll invest in for our patients. After several thousand procedures and personally testing several machines, we’ve chosen the Cynosure Apogee Elite system for laser hair removal, which treats fine, blonde hair or thick, dark hair, and everything in between. The Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength is designed to be gentle on darker skin, while the 755nm Alexandrite wavelength is ideal for lighter hair pigment. The cool air system keeps surrounding skin from sustaining damage, so your experience is as comfortable as can be.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Because the Apogee Elite is not limited by hair color or skin type, nearly everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. Schedule a consultation to begin ridding yourself of unwanted hair for life.


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5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  1. You save time and money. While it may sound like an expensive undertaking, laser hair removal costs less than a lifetime of shaving supplies. As laser technology has improved, so has treatment pricing, while at the same time, salon waxing treatments have increased in cost. You save money, time, and aggravation with laser hair removal.
  2. Treatments are fast. Even for large areas, like the back or legs, treatments only take 30 minutes at most. The number of recommended treatments depends on the individual patient, but the average is 6-8 every 4 weeks for best results. No more shaving, plucking, or waxing.
  3. Laser hair removal is precise. The laser energy specifically targets pigment, and that means the hair follicle and not the surrounding skin. The follicle absorbs the energy, heating enough to sustain damage that results in shedding and no more regrowth. The surrounding tissues remain safe and unharmed.
  4. No growing hair between treatments. With waxing, you have to let the hair grow long enough for the wax to grab onto, so if you’re days away from your next waxing treatment, you may be self-conscious of wearing a bathing suit or strapless dress. Laser hair removal works best on shaved hair, where there’s still a follicle, but no outward growth to get in the way of the energy beam.

No more ingrown hairs. This may be the best benefit of all. With the follicle damaged enough to never grow back, there’s no hair to grow again, ingrown or otherwise. You’re left with smooth, silky skin in whatever area you’re having treated. No red bumps. No painful rash. No expensive ointments to soothe irritated skin.

When Will I See Results?

With Cynosure Apogee Elite, patients report up to a 79% reduction of unwanted hair after just 3 sessions. At the completion of treatment, most of our patients enjoy silky smooth, hair-free skin with no need to shave again. Maintenance treatments may be necessary as sometimes, the body produces a few stray new hairs.

What have you got to lose, besides unwanted hair?

"I went in to Dr. Verebelyi for Bio-T he explained the procedure completely and was very professional. I was so please with the office that I had some hair removal done. The office is always helpful and prompt with scheduling. I’m very happy with my results and if I have any question they’re glad to answer every thing to my satisfaction."



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