Why Choose Colorado Skin and Vein?

Unfortunately in the state of Colorado getting a light-based procedure is not as safe as one might think. There is no requirement for an MD to perform these procedures or to be in the building. Anyone, regardless of their level of previous training, can legally operate a laser (see Channel 2 news story featuring Dr. Verebelyi). Although the state does require a physician be within 30 minutes of the clinic, that physician is not required to have any specific training in light-based medicine. Many providers in this field have the best intentions, but have very poor training, inferior equipment, and are inexperienced. This lack of training and proper equipment results in poor results at best, and severe side effects at its worst.

Colorado Skin and Vein

Your skin is a complicated organ and there is a wide variety of light sources and treatments, so you need to find someone you trust. Dr. Verebelyi is a nationally recognized authority on laser surgery who trains other doctors all over the U.S. and Canada. He helped create the Fundamentals of Laser Surgery course given by American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) where he is also an instructor. He is a Fellow at the ASLMS, member of the American College of Phlebology, a Diplomat at the American Board of Family Medicine, and a member of Mensa. Colorado Skin and Vein has been performing light-based procedures in Denver for almost a decade and has been one of the leaders in bringing new technology to Colorado.

Colorado Skin and Vein Englewood

Our office contains a combination of lasers found in no other office in the entire state. Our light-based procedures are the best-proven technology that is currently available. In fact, they have invested in the latest medical equipment in order to provide the most effective, most comfortable, and safest treatments possible. Dr. Verebelyi works directly with many laser manufacturers helping them refine, develop, and test their products. If you ever have a question you are able to speak directly with Dr. Verebelyi, who is committed to making sure you are satisfied with your services. When you put all of these attributes together, it ensures that you are given the best options available and that your treatment will be expertly performed to ensure the best outcome possible.