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Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Available

Colorado Skin and Vein now offers drive-through COVID-19 antibody testing, with results available in an hour. We have partnered with Rocky Mountain Labs and use the same equipment as the CDC and CDPHE. Each appointment will only take a few minutes and you never have to leave your car.

You must call ahead to reserve your spot and there are only 50 slots available per day. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis and many have already been spoken for. For maximum safety and minimal contact, you will remain in your car for the tests. Two tests are available, we are actively scheduling antibody tests now and the active infection test will be available mid-May.

Tests Available:

Antibody Tests are a quick prick of the finger and available for $75
This test offers a way for a person to know if they have had coronavirus in the recent past and also if they currently have the illness. This test is not for individuals who are currently showing active symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, dry cough, shortness of breath. Antibody test results are available an hour.
Active Infection Test is a nasal swab and available for $75
The Active Infection Tests have a 98% accuracy and are for people concerned they currently have an active infection.
Antibody tests will be available starting April 27, 2020, and PCR testing will be available mid-May, 2020. Colorado Skin and Vein will continue to provide testing to the community as longs as supplies remain available.

For questions or to reserve your spot please call (720) 594-5063 or email [email protected] Thanks in advance for your cooperation, Colorado Skin & Vein looks forward to serving you soon!

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