What’s New at the Office!

Cryo 6: We just received our new Cryo 6 cooler.  This is a small unit that blows extremely cold air over the skin to make treatments so much more comfortable.  It can be used during hair removal, IPL, FX, Pearl or just about any other heat related procedure.  Make sure to ask for the new Cryo cooler when you book your appointment!

Deep FX: A single treatment of the new fractionated CO2 can give better results than 5 Fraxel treatments, this is simply one of the best new treatment for acne scars and wrinkles.  Patient who have had the procedure report that it makes their skin look younger than their friends who have had surgery such as a face lift.

Active FX: This is the second hand piece for the fractionated CO2 can tighten skin as much as 30 percent in a single treatment. kin tightening, melasma, moles and just about any other superficial skin issue.

SmartLipo MPX: Liposuction with little to no downtime and 40% less than traditional liposuction with better results

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