What Kinds of Treatments are There for My Acne?

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If you suffer from acne outbreaks, it might feel like there’s no real solution out there that’s right for you. After all, if feels like you’ve tried every acne treatment available over-the-counter – and even dermatologist-approved products can’t put a dent in your breakouts.

Sound familiar? If that’s the case, it’s time to schedule an acne consultation at Colorado Skin & Vein in Englewood, CO – because we can help you get rid of your acne breakouts once and for all!

Our Effective Acne Treatment Menu

Here at Colorado Skin & Vein, we offer a wide range of acne treatments for one simple reason: not all acne is the same. Some breakouts may be caused by hormonal changes, while others can be attributed to excessive skin bacteria. That’s why we’ve we personalize a diverse array of acne treatments specific to your situation, including:

  • Topical retinoids: Often the first line of defense, retionoids are highly effective at clearing out clogged pores and excess sebum (which often causes acne breakouts). Popular retinoids include Retin-A and Differin.
  • Topical antibiotics: These may be prescribed in addition to retinoids, as they are excellent at reducing inflammation and redness. They can also destroy much of the excess skin bacteria that contributes to the formation of acne lesions.
  • Oral contraceptives and hormonal support: Addressing hormonal inbalance can be highly effective at reducing hormonal acne breakouts, as androgen levels imbalance hormones.

We have many more prescription and treatment options available at our skin care center – schedule a consultation to discover these options now!

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Wondering which acne treatment is right for your specific needs? Schedule a consultation at Colorado Skin & Vein in Englewood, CO. (303) 683-3235.

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