What is Venous Reflux?

What is venous reflux?

In this day and age with WebMD and Google, many patients have attempted to do what we call “self diagnosis”. With that said, many of our patients come in and ask us, “What is venous reflux?” They have read something about it on the web and are sure they have it.

So, what is venous reflux?

Venous reflux is simply doctor speak for describing wrong way blood flow in veins. Healthy veins have valves that close tight to keep blood moving one direction back to the heart against gravity.

What causes venous reflux?

Very commonly these valves become damaged as we age and do not close correctly. When this happens the blood is able to fall back down the vein opposite the normal flow. This backwards blood flow is diagnosed with ultrasound and is called reflux.
What are symptoms of venous reflux?

Venous reflux causes symptoms like ugly superficial veins, aching, soreness, cramping, itching, swelling, varicose veins and even restless leg syndrome.

How can Colorado Skin and Vein help?

If you have venous reflux or varicose veins, Colorado Skin and Vein can help. Colorado Skin and Vein offers full service vein removal treatments. Whether you have small spider veins or large varicose veins, Dr. Verebelyi can help. Our vein removal treatments include: laser vein removal, sclerotherapy, and CoolTouch. Dr. Verebelyi will assess your needs and determine which is the best treatment for you.

Dr. Verebelyi, at Colorado Skin and Vein, is one of the most experienced varicose vein doctors in Colorado and is committed to innovative technology and proper training. To have Dr. Verebelyi be your varicose vein doctor, request a consultation online or call our office at 303-683-3235.

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