A thread lift is a minimally-invasive procedure designed as an alternative to a regular facelift. The technique, originally developed in South Korea, involves placing tiny sutures under the skin to reduce signs of sagging and wrinkles, pulling the face into a more youthful configuration without the need for large incisions. 

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“The staff is amazing and professional.  I was at a recent event where one of my friends said “you look younger each time I see you. How do you do it?” One answer, Colorado Skin and Vein. Products, people and professionalism. The results are undeniable and the feeling of confidence is undeniable. I fully recommend this staff for all your skin care needs. – Gabrielle Hosea”

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“I have been going to the Colorado Center for Photomedicine since 2008. Originally, I was just curious about reducing the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. The results were terrific. But better yet, I have had large circles under my eyes since I was in middle school and after one treatment of Juvederm over two years ago I have never looked better. Thanks Dr. Verebelyi!” – R.

*Individual Results May Vary

“This practice is by far the best in Colorado. Have been to several different clinics that were good, this is exceptional!!!! Starting with the beauty of the building and the office itself. Then a warm, friendly helpful staff. Dr Verebelyi is the leader in his field. I have recommended all my friends and family to Dr Verebelyi and all of them have had the same positive things to say.” – Kevin Larson

*Individual Results May Vary

Thread Lift Overview

Thread lifts, sometimes called a minimally invasive facelift, is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the shape and tone of your face. 

As you age, your dermis and supporting tissues can begin to sag and lose their shape. Skin laxity, jowling, and wrinkles can all become problematic. 

Many cosmetic surgeons recommend facelifts for patients experiencing these signs of aging. However, long recovery times and complications may make this option unattractive for many. 

Fortunately, the thread lift is a viable alternative for patients in this category. The procedure involves providing patients with a targeted facelift “from the inside out.” Our team of expert providers inserts medical-grade sutures under the skin and then manipulates them to bring the contours of the face into an aesthetically pleasing configuration. 

A thread lift is a tried-and-tested procedure that has been around for more than twenty years. It relies on using medical sutures to tighten the skin from the inside, avoiding any cutting. Colorado Skin & Vein can carry out the procedure under local anesthetic.

Benefits of a Thread Lift

The benefits of a thread lift include: 

  • Subtle improvements in your face: Thread lifts are less dramatic than full-blown facelifts. They are ideal for patients who want to achieve natural-looking results. 
  • Long-lasting results: Studies in the cosmetic medical literature suggest that thread lifts can last many months – often longer than a year. 
  • Low-risk: Thread lifts are among the safest cosmetic procedures available today. Side effects such as swelling, redness, and bruising do occur, but they are less severe than a facelift. 
  • Affordability: Thread lifts tend to be substantially less costly than facelifts. 
  • No downtime: Thread lift procedures usually take around 45 minutes and, afterward, patients are free to resume their usual daily activities. 

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How Long Will a Thread Lift Last?

Thread lifts can last between nine to twenty four months depending on your skin and the way your metabolism reacts to the sutures. Most patients obtain benefits that last around one year and nine months. Colorado Skin & Vein does not need to remove sutures unless you opt for a face lift. 

Am I a Candidate for Thread Lifts?

The typical candidate for a thread lift is a patient between 35 and 55. Ideally, you need to be in good health and should be at the stage in your life when you are just beginning to notice the visible signs of aging. Thread lifts offer subtle and more targeted improvements that general facelifts and are, therefore, suitable for individuals requiring a small touch up.

“The staff at Colorado Skin & Vein is very helpful and always makes sure to answer any questions during visits. I can tell that they truly care about the patient experience. Thank you Dr. Verebelyi and Team!” *

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