Suffering From Tattoo Regret?

A man with one hand on his shaved head in a grey t-shirt looking down at his tattoeed arm with regret

Tattoo regret can result for many reasons. Our opinions usually change as we mature, and the decision to get a tattoo in our youth often results in tattoo regret. In fact, approximately half of the people who get a tattoo will want to have it removed within ten years. Many military positions and law enforcement jobs require a tattoo-free appearance. Whether you’re considering a new position, wanting to change your look, or if you just don’t like your ink anymore, we can help.

No matter whether you are trying to correct a bad tattoo or just want to erase a less than stellar decision, Colorado Skin & Vein can help. From permanent makeup to a full sleeve of tattoos, those who have tattoo regret can get their tattoo removed at Colorado Skin & Vein, one of only nine sites in the entire United States designated as a reference center for tattoo removal. Colorado Skin & Vein was the first office in the country to offer treatment with the QX Max, one of the most advanced lasers ever used for tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal With the Lumenis QX Max

Dr. Verebelyi offers tattoo removal for patients who want to rid their bodies of unwanted ink. This procedure uses the most powerful and effective tattoo removal device available: the Lumenis QX Max laser. This device combines four lasers into one machine to remove tattoos and pigmented lesions from the skin. The Lumenis QX Max works effectively to eliminate the most common tattoo colors: black and dark tones, blues, reds, tans, and greens. Short nanosecond pulses of intense light pass through the top layers of skin to be selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This breaks the pigment into smaller particles that are removed by the body’s natural metabolic processes. Treatment can be performed every four weeks until all of the pigment from the tattoo is effectively removed.

Benefits of the QX Max Laser vs. Other Lasers

  • Lower risk of side effects
  • Removes more and deeper lying pigments
  • Removes pigment and rejuvenates skin
  • Superior results
  • Increased safety
  • Less treatments needed

If you’re suffering from tattoo regret and would like to remove one or more of your tattoos, please call Colorado Skin & Vein at (303) 683-3235 or fill out our online contact form today. Dr. Verebelyi is highly experienced in performing laser treatments and is dedicated to providing his patients with safe and effective procedures.

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