Scars Don’t Have to Be Forever

You Don’t Have to Live With Scars

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Very few of us actually want to wear our scars like badges of honor. For most people, scars aren’t a story of heroics; they are usually a story of something we find much more embarrassing. The most common causes of scars, next to injury, are acne and stretch marks. The reason we are ashamed of our scars isn’t simply because they are unsightly (even though that contributes to it), but it’s that they speak to a larger imperfection about us as people.
Acne scars and stretch marks are usually indicators that at one point our bodies didn’t look their best. They are signs to the world saying, “My hormones used to be out of control” or “I used to be much larger than I am now.” People don’t want the world to know these things about them. So they work to hide their scars because that’s not who they are anymore.
The process of doing that every day can be taxing. Applying special makeup to hide facial scarring can become tedious, and never wearing a bikini during the summer is disappointing. You don’t want to tote around this constant reminder anymore. You want people to see you for you, not your scars. Luckily, at Colorado Skin & Vein, scars don’t have to be forever.
We offer a variety of treatments to reduce the visibility of scars, and all of these non-invasive treatments are performed by highly trained and friendly staff. Through just a few short sessions, Colorado Skin & Vein can improve the color and texture of your scars.

Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing

This treatment allows for customizable results for each patient. It can target specific problem areas and can even reach traditionally difficult spots like the mouth and eyes. It treats skin laxity, dark spots, large pores, acne scars, and wrinkles.


This treatment is the most promising for correcting keloid scars while sparing the healthy skin on top. It treats the deep scar material to reduce scar volume by 50 to 70 percent. People note significant improvement in just a few treatments and notice little change in skin pigmentation.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

This treatment, also know as the Photofacial, removes the appearance of brown within or around a scar as well as dark spots, redness, freckles, and minor sun damage. It is ideal for patients with active lifestyles because the procedure requires no downtime. This treatment can be used anywhere on the body.

Non-Laser Treatments

There are also a variety of non-laser treatments offered at Colorado Skin & Vein. Steroid injections regulate collagen production and reduce the thickness of scars. Subcision works at the level of the dermis and fat in order to free the skin from the tethered scar below, resulting in a smoother appearance. Scar recovery gel uses silicone to hydrate the skin while natural plant extracts reduce redness and keep the tissue soft.

Don’t live with your unsightly scars any longer. Set up your consultation with Dr. Verebelyi at Colorado Skin & Vein today. Call 303.683.3235 or fill out an online contact form here.

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