Scar Revision with Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing

When your body experiences an injury, such as from surgery, trauma, acne or a burn, it can form scar tissue as it heals. Scars are tough, fibrous, discolored tissue that can be unsightly and painful. At Colorado Skin and Vein, we perform scar revision to improve the appearance of scars. One of the multiple techniques we use for scar revision is Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing, a laser treatment that can treat and improve the appearance of scars.

How Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing Works

Scar Revision Before and After Englewood

Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing uses laser energy to heat and remove small areas or columns of scar tissue and damaged skin. This allows the body to replace these areas with healthier tissue. The fractional resurfacing technology grants the surgeon precise control in treating all the scar tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

Benefits of Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing

The benefits of Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing include:

  • Improved Texture: This laser improves the texture of damaged tissue from acne scars to both pitted and raised scars.
  • Improved Pigmentation: This treatment restores an even complexion by significantly blending the color between a scar and the surrounding tissue.
  • Increased Collagen: The heat energy from this laser stimulates collagen production; this helps fill in areas where scars look punched out and tightens skin helping smooth overall texture.
  • Multiple Treatment Areas: Due to its expert precision, this laser can effectively treat skin nearly anywhere on the body, including the sensitive skin near the eyes.

One recent beneficiary of this kind of laser treatment is Phan Thi Kim Phuc, a woman known as the “Napalm Girl” due to a vividly memorable photograph taken of her at the age of nine fleeing in agony when her village was bombed with napalm during the Vietnam War. In this bombing, she received major burns over one-third of her body, and she has suffered many deep pains and aches along with thick scar tissue throughout the 40 years since that moment. These laser treatments, which Phuc is currently undergoing, will soften her scar tissue and provide healing that will also reduce her pain.

Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing can help your skin to heal in a healthy way by removing scar tissue from injuries, aging, or environmental factors. If you are interested in the cosmetic and healing benefits of scar revision with the Fractional CO₂ Skin Resurfacing technique, schedule your consultation today with Colorado Skin and Vein. Call our office at (303) 683-3235 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment now.

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