Permanently Eliminate a Double Chin with KYBELLA®


Many people are unhappy about the excess fat under their jaw, commonly referred to as a “double chin.” According to a recent survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, two out of every three individuals are bothered by the appearance of their double chin. In fact, having a double chin bothers people as much as having wrinkles around the eyes. Thankfully, the FDA has recently approved a new non-surgical treatment that can permanently eliminate a double chin. KYBELLA® injections can eliminate a double chin to revitalize and slim your appearance.

What Causes a Double Chin?

A double chin is more formally known as submental fullness. The submental space is located directly underneath the chin, and when there is excess fat in this area, it can look like the individual has a second chin. Weight gain, genetics, or aging can cause this condition to develop.

The Downsides of a Double Chin

While common, a double chin is generally disliked. Having a double chin can project a more aged and overweight appearance, even if the individual is naturally young and thin. Like stubborn belly fat, a double chin is often resistant to exercise and dieting. This is why KYBELLA® is so significant: it provides a way to quickly, easily, and permanently eliminate a double chin without any recovery period.

The KYBELLA® Treatment Experience

KYBELLA® is a new FDA-approved treatment that effectively improves the appearance of a double chin. KYBELLA® is an injectable comprised of deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring molecule that assists in breaking down and absorbing fat.

*Before and after photos courtesy of KYBELLA®

When injected into the fatty area, KYBELLA® begins to destroy the excess fat cells for absorption by the body. Treatment sessions last only 15 to 20 minutes, and aside from some swelling over the treatment area, there is no downtime. The deoxycholic acid continues to break down fat cells during the days and weeks after treatment. Within four to six weeks, patients can expect a marked improvement in the contour and appearance of their chin and neck. While some patients may need more than one treatment to achieve their desired aesthetic, the results from KYBELLA® are permanent. With the elimination of a double chin, individuals can enjoy a more attractive, more youthful, and slimmer appearance as well as an improvement in confidence and self-esteem.

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