Painless Hair Removal with Lumenis LightSheer Duet

We now have our fourth laser hair removal device, the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet. We did not believe the company when they said they were making a painless hair removal device that actually worked. However, they have proved true to their word. The Lumenis Lightsheer Duet uses gentle suction to pull the hair follicle close to the laser and is covered in reflective gold surface the recycles any photons that bounce off the skin. These two features allow the machine to be effective at energy levels 1/3 of traditional lasers.

Over the last three months, we have treated more than 500 patients with the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet and they all LOVE their results. The treatment head is HUGE (22mm x 35mm), a full back takes only about 20 minutes, full legs are about the same. There is very little redness and swelling afterwards. This new laser has truly made painless hair removal possible.

Do you want to get two weeks of your life back every year? STOP SHAVING. Now any patient can do laser hair removal with the new Lumenis Lightsheer Duet. Give us a call at 303-683-3235 to make an appoint, or request a consultation online. Make sure to ask about our amazing BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFER FOR NEW PATIENTS.

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