Laser Tattoo Removal: Your Options

 With summer right around the corner, the amount of tattoos that pop out for viewing are as common as mandals (men’s sandals)!

Sure you may have thought getting a Power Puff Girls or Denver Broncos tattoo was a great idea 10 years ago, but now you’re kicking yourself for wasting prime real estate space on your body and wish you had a different tattoo.

Well worry no more; we’re here to help you.

Colorado Skin & Vein offers laser tattoo removal for patients that wants their tattoo lightened for a cover up or just plain removed.

Cover up tattoos require extra time and effort, and may not turn out the way you like if the artist has difficulty covering the existing ink that is too bright or dark.  In most cases a normal cover up tattoo has to be much darker and about 3 times the size of the original. Laser tattoo removal can avoid these pitfalls.

Tattoo artists advise it’s much easier to cover a tattoo if laser tattoo removal has taken place prior to your appointment.  With laser tattoo removal a portion of the tattoo ink can be taken out until it is light enough to cover with a brand spanking new tattoo. This way the artist doesn’t have to change the design in order to cover up the tattoo you hate.

Without laser tattoo removal first, your tattoo design options could be limited.

Dr. Verebelyi patients are glad they visited us for their tattoo removal and/or cover up needs.  We use the Lumenis QX Max, which is the most effective laser tattoo removal device available.

To learn more about our laser tattoo removal treatment and to discuss your options, please contact us at (303) 683-3235 or request a consult online.

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