Is Botox Safe?

It’s time to spring forward and shed the winter doldrums.  For some of us, we may not look as young and fresh as we feel due to facial wrinkles.  We’ve all heard of Botox, but a common question is, “Is Botox safe?”

Millions of people choose Botox injections to treat their wrinkles and fine lines.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Botox injections for use in treating a number of conditions, from frown lines, crow’s feet, migraines, and even to treat severe sweating. In order for a product to be approved by the FDA, it must go through an extensive testing process to confirm that it is safe when used correctly. Botox has been safely used in the medical community for over 20 years.  In many cases being used in high doses over long periods of time on children with severe muscle spasms.  These long term patients show just how safe the product is when placed correctly.  When administered by a skilled physician such as Dr. Verebelyi, Botox is a safe way to look your best. Botox can still have some side effects, which is why it’s important to see a knowledgeable and approved providers like those at Colorado Skin and Vein.

Our patients have seen wonderful results with Botox injections and come back for regular treatments. Botox injections take less than 15 minutes to inject and typically last around three to four months.

 Take a look at our Botox Before and After Gallery to see our clients’ amazing results.

Dr. Verebelyi and his staff are happy to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have about Botox injections.

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