Our laser hair removal treatments work on fine hairs along with regular body hairs.

At Colorado Skin & Vein, we strive to provide all of our patients with maximum results for all of our treatments, including laser hair removal. A great addition to our practice has been the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser. We use this laser to remove hair of all colors and types. It is especially effective at removing fine body hair that has pigment. If you are searching for a laser hair removal solution, we can help you.

Fine Hair Removal Procedure

Laser hair removal is a quick outpatient procedure. It causes little to no discomfort. First, the specialist applies a cool gel over the area that will be treated. Next, the specialist uses the handheld Apogee Elite laser to deliver gentle heat to areas where unwanted hair is present. The laser contains a cooling device to quickly cool the heated area. Last, ice is applied to the treated area to reduce redness and swelling. Total procedure time depends on the size of the area treated. Usually, patients find the procedure to be very short. A series of treatments is used to completely remove unwanted hairs.

Laser Hair Removal Results

The Apogee Elite is able to provide deeper penetration of light into hair follicles. This makes procedures faster and optimizes results. The final result after a series of treatments spaced out over 4-6 week intervals is a 90-percent reduction in unwanted hairs. This result lasts for many years. Touch up procedures may be used to maintain results in the highly unlikely event that unwanted hairs return.

The Colorado Skin & Vein Difference

You can expect maximum results when you choose our clinic. One of our specialists will develop a customized treatment plan. Not only can we help you achieve your aesthetic goals, your life will be much easier because you’ll no longer have waste time and money shaving, waxing, and tweezing unwanted hairs. To start your laser hair removal process, call our Colorado Skin & Vein office in Englewood, CO at 303.683.

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