How to Get Rid of Brown Spots Caused by the Denver Sun

At our office, we have a lot of patients come in wanting to know how to get rid of brown spots.

In Denver, and other geographic areas with high altitudes, there are more people who are affected by brown spots. Because of the high altitude of Denver, our skin gets about 25% more UV radiation than if we lived at sea level.

The result of this, along with our outdoor lifestyle, is skin that gets dried out and develops brown spots.  The medical term for most of these spots is solar lentigo, but they can also be referred to as sunspots or hyperpigmentation.  For the most part, brown spots are harmless and mostly a cosmetic issue.  Despite this, any brown spot should be evaluated by a doctor to make sure they are appropriate for laser treatment.

One of the most effective ways to treat brown spots is with the intense pulse light treatment (IPL) also known as a Photofacial. An intense pulse light treatment uses the laser light to break apart and remove the brown pigment from the skin. Treatments only last about 20 minutes and patients can apply make-up immediately afterwards. Take a look at our IPL before and after pictures to see the amazing results we’ve gotten for other clients.

Colorado Skin and Vein is one of the leading providers of IPL in Denver, CO. So, if you want to get rid of brown spots and are interested in our intense pulse light treatment, contact us online or give us a call at 303-683-3235 and we can help get your skin looking younger and healthier.

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