How Many Treatments of Laser Tattoo Removal Will I Need?

Millions of people have tattoos, and with the rise of body art comes a rise of tattoo regret. Whether your tattoo no longer fits your aesthetic, didn’t turn out how you hoped, or your circumstances have changed, you’re not alone in seeking laser tattoo removal. At Colorado Skin & Vein, we’re one of only a handful of exclusive practices in the US with the PiQo4 laser, a brand new picosecond tattoo removal system unlike any other, and we can help.

*Individual Results May Vary.

How PiQo4 Works

The PiQo4 difference is in the spot size, the depth of energy penetration, and the four wavelengths that target 9 of the most popular tattoo colors at once. With precisely combined picosecond and nanosecond pulses, your tattoos don’t stand a chance against this remarkable technology. The four wavelengths, 1064 nm, 532nm, 650nm, and 585nm cover ink colors on a spectrum from the lightest of yellows through the rainbow to purple, and of course the ubiquitous black. The spot size is adjustable, from 2mm for fine detail all the way to 15mm for greater surface coverage. In conjunction with a peak power 10x that of other laser systems, PiQo4 requires fewer passes over your tattoo for faster, more complete treatment than ever before.

It’s more than the spot size, however. Picosecond pulses are so fast, the energy penetrates the skin to shatter the ink into smaller particles than traditional Q-switched lasers while minimizing the amount of heat on the skin’s surface. The result is less blistering, scarring, skin pigmentation changes, and ghosting. PiQo4 is 4x faster than its nearest competitor, penetrates deeper, is far less painful, and visible results are more effective after just one treatment. Safety is the number one priority at Colorado Skin & Vein, and the PiQo4 laser is by far the safest laser tattoo removal system available.

Am I a Good Candidate?

PiQo4 effectively removes tattoos on nearly all skin types, and is successful on difficult-to-remove tattoos where other lasers have failed. There are variables to consider, such as the age of the tattoo, its size and depth, the quality and density of the ink, and the overall general skin condition of the patient. As such, a consultation with Colorado Skin & Vein is the best way to determine how quickly your tattoo can be removed.

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What are PiQo4 Treatments Like?

Like other laser systems, PiQo4 treatments have been described as the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. Because the laser energy is picosecond fast, and the wavelengths are delivered simultaneously, treatments require fewer passes to shatter the ink effectively. This means you’ll need fewer treatments and they’re better tolerated with fewer potential side effects such as blistering and scabbing, so you’ll heal faster following your tattoo removal session. On average, patients need between 3-4 sessions to see good results, but fading is often visible after the first session.

We pride ourselves on bringing the latest technologies and products to our patients. Anyone can say they’re on the cutting edge of the cosmetic enhancement industry, but every day, Dr. David Verebelyi and the staff at Colorado Skin & Vein show our commitment to your health and beauty with our compassionate care and second-to-none expertise and artistry. Don’t live with that unwanted tattoo a minute longer. Call us today.

The staff is amazing and professional. I was at a recent event where one of my friends said “you look younger each time I see you. How do you do it?” One answer, Colorado Skin and Vein. Products, people and professionalism. The results are undeniable and the feeling of confidence is undeniable. I fully recommend this staff for all your skin care needs


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