CoolSculpting® Is Now Even Better!

Faster Treatment Times
More Patient Comfort
More Tissue Treated

CoolSculpting® Is Now Even Better! Englewood

CoolSculpting® has changed its applicator design and can now deliver treatments in nearly half the time. Treatment times that used to take one hour can now be accomplished in 35 minutes. At Colorado Skin & Vein, we have two machines so that we can treat two areas during a patient’s lunch hour.
The new handpiece, called CoolAdvantage™, has other benefits outside the faster treatment time. It has a wider design, which allows for both better comfort and a larger treatment area. While CoolSculpting® has always been a very tolerable procedure, 85 percent of people treated preferred the new handpiece to the old, and bruising has been dramatically reduced.
Colorado Skin & Vein has more experience with fat removal and better-trained providers than just about any other office in Denver.

Our Providers:

  • Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses only
  • Ten year history of fat removal treatments such as liposuction
  • Five year history using CoolSculpting®
  • Over 3000 procedures performed (one of the first offices in all of Colorado to have the device)
  • All of our providers have attended CoolSculpting University for continuing education

Their Providers:

  • Medical Assistants or Aestheticians
  • No history of surgical fat removal
  • New to CoolSculpting®
  • Average provider has fewer than 100 treatments under their belt
  • Weekend course for training

Colorado Skin & Vein is one of the most experienced in Colorado. With prices being the lowest they have ever been, now is the best time to try CoolSculpting®. Call Colorado Skin & Vein today to schedule your complimentary consultation and see the difference experience makes.

Colorado Skin & Vein
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