Can Stem Cells Give Joint Relief For Pain?

Have you heard about stem cell therapy?

If not, it’s time to learn more about this innovative treatment option that uses the body’s own stem cells to repair wounds, strengthen muscles, and even relieve joint pain. That last option may be particularly relevant to you, especially if you suffer from chronic joint pain as a result of athletic injury or arthritis.

Here’s what you need to know about stem cell therapy for relieving joint pain.

It decreases the likelihood of a joint replacement.

A study done on over 200 pro athletes showed that 80% of those who were recommended a joint replacement at the time of stem cell treatment were able to avoid surgery for the full five-year follow-up of the study. It is estimated that stem cell therapy will take over joint replacement as the recommended therapy for osteoarthritis in the next ten years.

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It decreases nerve damage and improves cartilage function.

One of the biggest reasons why joint pain can be so severe is because it results from nerve damage. Stem cell therapy is renowned for repairing damaged nerves, as well as stimulating the remaining cartilage in the joint to function more effectively. That means stem cell therapy can decrease symptoms of nerve pain, all while encouraging the formation of healthy tissue to help make the joints feel strong again.

It reduces dependency on pain medications.

One of the main reasons why we prefer using stem cell therapy for joint pain relief is because it reduces a patient’s dependency on over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. Too much pain medication (even something as simple as ibuprofen or aspirin) can create further health complications; a reliance on prescription pain pills can lead a patient down a dark road towards addiction.

The focus is on repair and relief.

While you’ll experience pain relief through stem cell therapy, the main goal of your treatment will be to repair the damaged joints that cause chronic pain. That way, you won’t constantly be trying mask the pain of joint damage; instead, you’ll have permanent relief without requiring intensive surgery or constant pain medications!

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