Best Tattoo Removal Treatment – Only at Colorado Skin Care

Whether you’re looking to remove a tattoo for a big event, or you want more space to add more tattoo art, Colorado Skin and Vein has the best tattoo removal device for you.

What is the best tattoo removal treatment?

Colorado Skin and Vein now offers the best tattoo removal treatment available, it is called the Fotona QX Max. The Fotona QX Max is a Q-switched laser indicated for removal of amateur, professional and traumatic tattoos of all colors. The Fotona QX Max is able to treat many tattoos that could not be removed with other devices in a faster and more comfortable in-office procedure.

We have seen this laser remove simple black tattoos in one to two treatments, which we have never seen with any other laser. However, it should be noted that tattoo removal is still a process, which is very dependent on the amount, depth and chemical composition of the ink.  With that said, this new laser is the best chance for a patient to remove a tattoo in as few treatments as possible, even for difficult colors of ink like sky blues and greens.

Why is the Fotona QX Max the best tattoo removal treatment?

The laser is packed with new technology not available in any other device. The beam profile has no hot spots like most other models. Hot spots in the beam cause discomfort and increase the risk of textural changes after treatment. A new vacuum-sealed laser delivery arm gets more of the beam from the device to the skin. The laser also has four different wavelength options, which allow for the treatment of almost any color of tattoo.

At the heart of the QX Max, is a new power plant that allows the laser to use higher energies than any of its competitors. Higher energy allows for treatment of tattoo pigment that is deeper in the skin and the use of larger spot sizes can make treatments faster and less likely to cause side effects. This new device represents an extraordinary leap forward in both the safety and effectiveness of tattoo removal.

  • The Fotona QX Max is the most powerful tattoo removal laser made
  • Colorado Skin and Vein is the first in the county to offer this treatment
  • The Fotona QX Max is 30% more powerful than any current competitor
  • The Fotona QX Max’ advanced delivery system causes less side effects and is more effective.
  • The Fotona QX Max has four different wavelengths, which treat difficult to remove colors.
  • Colorado Skin and Vein is one of only a handful reference sites for this tattoo removal treatment in the entire country.

How can I get my tattoo removed?

Colorado Skin and Vein has the best tattoo removal in Denver, CO, and in the country. Make an appointment with Dr. Verebelyi at Colorado Skin and Vein today. You can either call the office at 303-683-3235, or request a consultation online.

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