What Is the Best Tattoo Removal Method?

Tattoo Removal by Dr. Verebelyi

When you get a permanent tattoo, you immortalize an event, individual, image, or memory on your body. But the risk with all tattoos is that they may or may not retain their aesthetic appeal over time. You may have a negative experience that taints the tattoo in your mind, or changes to your body or skin over time may distort the tattoo. If you’ve come to regret your decision to ink your body, laser tattoo removal can help you remove it. The new PiQo4 by Lumenis® is the most powerful tattoo removal solution in the world, and we are excited to be one of only a few exclusive providers in the nation to have this tattoo removal treatment.

PiQo4: The Most Powerful Pigment Removal Solution

PiQo4 is the newest tattoo and pigment removal laser by Lumenis®. It has quickly surpassed predecessors such as the PicoSure® and traditional Q-switched laser treatments. As an advanced picosecond laser, the PiQo4 is notably the fastest, most powerful, most effective, and safest tattoo removal laser in existence.

  • More Effective: When it comes to removing tattoo ink, larger spot sizes are more effective. PiQo4 can go up to 15 mm, which is four times larger than the next best laser. This laser also has four light wavelengths that are effective on nine popular tattoo ink colors. Increased effectiveness means that the PiQo4 requires fewer treatments and can shatter even deep pigment.
  • Fewer Risks: A larger spot size decreases the rate of side effects such as scarring, blisters, and discoloration because the laser energy is dispersed over a larger area.
  • Better Patient Experience: The PiQo4 combines the best technology to provide quicker healing and an experience that is less painful than other tattoo removal treatments.
  • Faster: Picosecond pulses make PiQo4 significantly faster than nanosecond lasers. The large spot size also considerably speeds up each treatment session. Comparisons of PiQo4 and PicoSure® show that PiQo4 is four times faster!
  • More Powerful: PiQo4’s high peak power is 10 times that of other tattoo removal lasers.

Effective on Resistant Tattoos: Tattoos that are resistant to removal often have partially broken-down ink particles that are still visible. Picosecond pulses can effectively disperse these smaller ink particles and clear away resistant tattoos.

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