Active FX and Deep FX Laser for Treatment of Scars

Recently there has been a huge wave of media attention about treating scars with the Active FX and Deep FX on shows like 20/20 and The Insider. Several publications like People have also been highlighting stories about these fractional CO2 lasers and their effects on scars. Many of my patients have been asking if they should take these stories at face value and if the technology really works that well.

The simple answer is yes it does. We have had the benefit of using this laser for over two years now and have also had great success with scars. Using the Active FX and Deep FX we have successfully treated acne scars, burn scars, surgical scars, keloid scars and those from just about any other kind of trauma. The patient below had skin cancer removed from his nose about five years earlier. After 3 treatments, each lasting only about 20 minutes, the scar was virtually gone.

Make no mistake, this technology is not magic. It does, however, offer real hope for those with almost any type of scarring. Optimal results may require 2 or even 3 treatments but patients are able to see improvement after each procedure. Downtime is usually minimal and well worth the final results. If you have more questions about getting treatment for your scars, give a call at 303.683.3235.

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