10 Skin Benefits Custom DOSE Personalized Serums Will Provide

Not everyone’s skin is made equally. Frequently, finding the right combination of serums, creams, oils, peels, and scrubs is an expensive, time-consuming, and frankly exhaustive task. But what if you could have one product that took the guesswork out of your most effective ingredients, combined those ingredients in the exact proportions you need, and could be done in as little as 10 minutes? That’s what Colorado Skin & Vein can do for you with Custom DOSE.

How Does Custom DOSE Work?

With of 49 serum combinations, Custom DOES is a truly bespoke skincare regimen dispensed just for you. Through a professional assessment of your skin by Colorado Skin & Vein’s expert medical providers, 85,000 algorithms, and 15 highly concentrated active ingredients, Custom DOSE can improve your skin’s tone, texture, color, brightness, smoothness, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scarring. With ingredients like niacinamide, glycolic acid, retinol, blueberry extract, and kojic acid among others, your perfectly blended serum can be compounded in just 10 minutes with one of 2 possible bases, light hydrating milk or a fast-absorbing serum.

Benefits of Custom DOSE

Elevating your skincare routine to your exact specifications has never been easier. The benefits of Custom DOSE are extensive, making you wonder what you ever did without it. They include:

  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimized acne scarring
  • Improved skin texture
  • Lightened sun spots and pigmentation
  • Refined hydration levels
  • Improved exfoliation to reduce dullness
  • Brighter tone
  • Greater skin firmness through enhanced matrix support
  • Time saved
  • Money in your pocket

Am I a Good Candidate?

Custom DOSE is truly personalized skincare, so any patient seeking to improve their skin while saving time on skincare research and money on expensive creams and scrubs is a good candidate.

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What is Treatment Like?

More than 250 skin types and conditions were considered in the formation of the algorithms that assess your skin’s quality and most beneficial treatment. Your skin will be thoroughly assessed, as will your goals for improvement. Once your formula is finalized, the Custom DOSE dispensing machine whirrs to life, precisely blending your best ingredients in the proper ratios specific to you. Once that’s complete, your product is spun in a lab-grade compounder at 1200 rotations per second for an engineered skincare serum, not even prescription medications can match. The entire process is completed in just 10 minutes.

When Will I See Results?

As with any skin care regimen, results will be visible over time. You’ll experience improved tone and texture, fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, and a truly glowing complexion showcasing what your skin was always meant to be. 500 subjects in clinical trials measured 18% improvement to the quality, tone, and texture of their skin during trials.

Each bottle lasts 3 months, which lines up perfectly with the frequency of adjustments to your formula, which are based on your ongoing improvement, planned facial rejuvenation treatments, and the growth and healing of your beautiful skin.

Dr. David Verebelyi and the Colorado Skin & Vein team are frequently among the first in the state—even the country—to bring the most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art treatments to their patients. As one of the top cosmetic clinics in the US, it’s no surprise your Custom DOSE awaits you at Colorado Skin & Vein.

The staff at Colorado Skin & Vein is very helpful and always makes sure to answer any questions during visits. I can tell that they truly care about the patient experience. Thank you Dr. Verebelyi and Team!


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