33 year old male CoolSculpting patient before and after 1 treatmentClick here for more details
31 year old male after two CoolSculpting treatmentsClick here for more details
40 year old male after two CoolSculpting treatmentsClick here for more details
Patient is 37 years old. She had one Coolsculpting treatment on her lower abdomen and one on her hip. The after photo is taken only two months after treatment. She had remarkable results,...Click here for more details
LB is a 46 year old mom who has steadily put on a few pounds over the years. She has a lot of muscle, that was covered by the extra padding sitting on her abdomen. Coolsculpting has helped...Click here for more details
This is a 71 year old man with a fairly aggressive workout schedule. Even with good diet and exercise, he could not reduce his belly fat. Thanks to two Coolsculpting treatments, he is slimmer...Click here for more details
LC is a 46 year old mother of two with a full-time job and a busy life. Regular exercise would not help her lose the “mommy pooch”. One treatment of Coolsculpting yielded a dramatic...Click here for more details
47 year old male who was unable to get rid of a lower abdominal bulge that had developed over the last year. He had a single treatment and three months later was able to fit into his old clothes...Click here for more details
27 year old female who did not like the fact that she had to buy tops that were too big in order to fit her arms. After two CoolSculpting treatments she was overjoyed to able to buy one size that...Click here for more details
43 year old female who despite good diet and exercise regimen still did not like the way her jeans fit on her hips. She had two CoolSculpting treatments and no longer has any trace of a muffin...Click here for more details
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