While diet and exercise remain the best ways to lose weight, some areas seem to resist all efforts to slim and tone them. For these areas, Colorado Skin & Vein offers body contouring technologies to help you achieve the figure you want.

For those hard-to-sculpt areas, body contouring can help remove some of those resistant fat cells. While not intended to help people lose weight, these treatments do provide effective body shaping by targeting particular areas. Body contouring removes fat and slims the area to reveal a more sculpted figure.


While Dr. Verebelyi recommends losing weight through diet and exercise, he understands that cosmetic treatments, like body contouring, are sometimes necessary to remove excess fat. Dr. Verebelyi has the experience to make you look your best, and Colorado Skin and Vein will determine the body contouring treatment that is best for you and your needs.

CoolSculpting® (can remove 20-25% of the fat per treatment, best for pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise)

SmartLipo™ (can remove up to 80% of the fat in a specific area)

Body Contouring Greater Denver

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Coolsculpting Englewood

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CoolSculpting® Results

Smartlipo™ Before & After Englewood & Denver, CO

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SmartLipo™ Results

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