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Botox Aftercare

What should I expect after my Botox treatment?

  • The medication is placed into the muscle and may cause some small bumps that can last a few hours.
  • Bruising from the Botox injection is one of the most common risks (about 10% of patients), but does not prevent Botox from working properly.
  • Bruising normally resolves within a couple of weeks.
  • Botox should start to work within about three days. Peak results should be seen in two weeks.
  • Botox lasts about three months, but this is both patient and dose dependent. Many patients who receive their Botox injections regularly still see good results at six months.

What care should I take after my Botox treatment?

  • The day of your Botox injection, don’t plan on a massage, strenuous exercise, microdermabrasion or anything else that may elevate your blood pressure or manipulate your injection sites. This may displace the Botox into unwanted areas.
  • You can apply your cosmetics, moisturizer, or lotion, but don’t do anything that causes pressure or discomfort.
  • In order to help your Botox take effect, exercise the muscles in the areas injected about 10 times an hour until bedtime. This will work the medication into the muscle.
  • You will revisit the clinic in two weeks to talk with your practitioner and have photos taken to see your improvement.
  • Swelling may last 1-2 days. Use ice packs and keep head elevated.
  • Bruising may last a couple days to a couple weeks. Place cool packs over the area immediately after treatment.
  • Arnica Montana can be very effective when used as a topical gel or an oral tablet. It is most effective when both forms are used together. Take the tablets and apply gel 4-6 times a day.
  • Bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) also helps to minimize the bruising by helping to digest the proteins that trigger bruising and swelling. Take 250-500mg four times a day until the bruise heals.
  • Headache may last 2-3 days. You may take Tylenol 500-100mg every six hours, or you may also use Motrin 400-800 mg every six hours. However, this may increase your risk of bruising.
  • Double or sensitive vision may last 2-3 days. Wear sunglasses and use moisturizing eye drops.
  • Dry eyes may last 1-2 weeks. Use over the counter eye drops.
  • Flu like symptoms may last 2-3 days. Increase fluids, rest, and take 500-1000 mg Tylenol every six hours.

If you have any of the following, please call the office at 303.683.3235 to be seen by your provider.

  • Infection (redness or puss) in injection areas
  • Allergic reaction (severe swelling, itching, redness within 24 hours of treatment)
  • Ptosis (temporary drooping of the eyebrows, eyelids or any other area of injection)

For more information on Botox, visit our Botox FAQs page, or for more information on Botox Aftercare or scheduling an appointment, contact us or call the office at 303.683.3235.