SmartLipo Body Sculpting

SmartLipo Abs : 32 year old female on a strict diet and exercise plan but was unable to get her tummy pooch to go away. She had SmartLipo over her upper and lower abdomen as well as her hips to get rid of her muffin top in tight jeans. Now she looks and feels great in all of her clothes.

SmartLipo Abs and Hips: 36 year old female who did not like her curves in a dress.  She had SmartLipo over the abdomen, hips and back.  12 weeks later her abdomen was flat, she was free of bra fat and had a beautiful curve to her hips.

SmartLipo Neck:  37 year old female who never liked the appearance of her chin and neck.  She was treated with SmartLipo.  The treatment sharpened her jaw line and give her a more defined angle from the chin to the neck.

62 year old female who developed skin laxity around the neck and under her chin. 6 weeks after SmartLipo she tightened up the skin on her neck and straighten her jaw line.

SmartLipo Thighs: 34 year old Miss Colorado contestant that needed to look better in her swimsuit.  She had SmartLipo over the outer thigh and just 6 weeks later was ready for the competition.

SmartLipo Abdomen : 35 year old male patient who could not get rid of his gut despite several attempts to control it with diet and exercise. He had SmartLipo treatment over the upper and lower abdomen and now loves his flat abdomen.

SmartLipo Thighs: 52 year old female who had to buy pants and skirts two sizes too large in order to fit her thighs. She was treated with SmartLipo over the outer thighs in order to achieve an ideal waist to hip ratio. Pants and skirts now fit her perfectly off the rack.

SmartLipo Thighs: 37 year old female who had to size all of her bottoms up one to two sizes due to her thighs.  She had SmartLipo over both the inner and outer thighs.  She now has a balanced waist to hip ratio and looks great in clothing without having to have it altered.

SmartLipo Abs: 37 year old female who was embarrassed when wearing a bikini despite maintaining an excellent diet and exercise regimen.  She had treatment over the upper and lower abdomen and is now confident in her two piece.

23-year-old female patient who wanted a decrease of volume in the lower abdomen and desired a smoother curve from her back to her hips for well-fitting clothes. The patient had Smartlipo™ with follow-up pictures about four months later.