Scar Revision

Dog Bite Scar: 38 year old female who was bitten by a dog over her upper left lip. She was treated with 3 skin resurfacing treatments using the CO2 laser as well as subcision to break up the deeper scar tissue and Sculptra to help filling in for volume lose. Now her scar is barely noticeable.

Keloid: 48 year old female who developed a Keloid scar after an immunization. She had treatment with both pulsed dye laser and high dose lesional steroids.

39 year old female with ice pick scars from acne. She had great results from two skin resurfacing treatments with the Deep FX for scar revision.

Surgery Scar Revision: 73 year old male who had undergone surgery to remove skin cancer around his nose. He had three CO2 skin resurfacing treatments and noted great improvement of the scar as well as in his pore size.

Acne Scarring: 32 year old female who was left with scarring on the jaw and temple after a bout with severe acne. She had phenomenal results after a single CO2 skin resurfacing procedure and when on the have Sculptra added the temples area in order to replace the lost volume.

Chemical Peel Burn Scar: 52 year old female who had a bad reaction to a chemical peel and developed scarring over the treated areas. She had 5 pulse dye laser treatments as well as subcision to break up  deeper scar tissue. Her redness completely resolved and she now has almost full range of motion.

Keloid Scar: 42 year old female patient who developed keloid scars after having her ears pierced. Patient has one treatment with the CryoSmooth device which reduced the scar volume 70%.

58 year old male who developed a non-cancerous skin growth over the upper right eye brow.  The patient had a single CO2 treatment to remove the growth with excellent results.

36 year old female who developed an 8mm mole on her left cheek. She had a single CO2 treatment to remove the mole with minimal textural change to the skin below it.

62 year old male who developed rhinophyma over several decades.  His nose had become distorted due to the growth the sebaceous glands.  Full CO2 skin resurfacing helped return it to its’ previous shape.