This patient is 26 years old and has been plagued with dark veins under her eyes for many years.  Cover-up was no longer doing the trick.  Two minor laser treatments and a little filler, helped this patient feel young and beautiful again.

A crooked smile made this patient unhappy.  One vial of filler helped perk her up and even her out.

D.P. 54, was getting ready for a wedding. Eight months after her last Sculptra appointment I saw her at the front desk and asked to take her picture. She told me she didn’t think the Sculptra worked….until I put her pictures side-by-side. She was shocked by the result. Sculptra works slowly and patients become adjusted to the changes.

PJ is a 66 year old grandmother. After caring for grandkids so often, she wanted to be refreshed. A little Sculptra to pull up her cheek and soften the area under her eyes took years off her.

This patient wanted a softer look that would not look “done.” A little filler in the nasolabial fold, and she was very pleased with the result.

T.D. has been a patient of ours since 2012. She came in concerned with her NLF and the asymmetry of her facial structure. Treating her with Sculptra in the cheeks, Juvederm in the inner cheek, lips and NLF, has balanced her facial features giving her a younger, fresh appearance. Notice the nice lift to the upper lip.

Having suffered a major car accident, DD, 44, needed to do something kind for herself. A little Voluma to pick up her cheeks had her smiling at herself again.

This picture was taken mid-way through a Voluma procedure, demonstrating how well Voluma provides lift and volume to the cheek.