CO2 Skin Resurfacing

52 year old female who was mostly concerned with her skin laxity and dark spots. She had previously had IPL treatments with only moderate results. She was extremely pleased with the amount of lift that the CO2 treatment provided as well as giving her skin a new “glow”.

A 62 year old female who felt that her dark spots and wrinkles were making her look older than she feels. She had Active FX over the entire face with Deep FX around her eyes and over her deeper cheek lines. Six weeks later she was overjoyed to look as young as she feels.

A 51 year old female who was mostly concerned about the lines around her eyes and brown spots on her cheeks. A single CO2 treatment reduced her eye wrinkles, erased most of the lines around her cheeks and got rid of her sun damage.

A 53 year old female who had lost parts of her orbital bone from a car accident as a teen and was concerned with enlarged pores and dull skin. She had both Active and Deep FX. Photos from two weeks after her procedure showed tightened the tissue around her eye, greatly reduced pores and beautiful skin tone.

A 59 year old female who was tired of seeing the deep lines around her eyes and mouth. After a single treatment, the patient was able to see drastic improvement in both areas.

A 61 year old female who felt the dark circles around her eyes and dark spots on her cheeks were making her looks older than she felt. With a single CO2 treatment, the skin around her eyes dramatically smoothed out and she achieved a more even skin tone.

A 49 year old female with significant discoloration and laxity around her eyes. A single skin resurfacing treatment evened out the color of her skin and markedly lifted the upper lid, while smoothing the lower lid.

A 55 year old female who wanted her skin to be refreshed but needed limited downtime. She opted for the microlaser peel and was back to make-up within three days, showing both smoother and tighter skin in less than one week.

A 56 year old women who had premature skin aging from years of sun exposure and felt self-conscious to go out in public. She is now enjoying a much more fulfilling social life and getting compliments that she looks 15 years younger.

A 57-year-old female who was concerned with hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity had one CO2 treatment along with filler in her cheeks and lips.  She now enjoys looking 15 years younger with fewer wrinkles and much smoother skin.