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Dr. Verebelyi Discusses Newest Tattoo Removal Technology on CBS4 Denver

How does tattoo removal work? -David Verebely, MD

What Causes Leg Swelling? -David Verebelyi, MD

How Do You Choose the Right Vein Treatment? -David Verebelyi, MD

Are varicose veins more than a cosmetic issue? -David Verebelyi, MD

What is pulsed dye laser treatment? -David Verebelyi, MD


Dr. Verebelyi on Colorado & Company:

Choosing a safe spa:                                                 Dr. Verebelyi on Pearl Laser Treatment:


Dr. Verebelyi demonstrating IPL (Intense Pulse Light).

Dr. Verebelyi on varicose veins:                             Dr. Verebelyi on the FX treatment:


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